Nov 172017

The Fifth Estate told Canadians to send in their questions about the Paradise Papers.   They will answer the questions on this week’s show.


I based my first question on

KPMG takes 15% of the money that they help clients to divert from Revenue Canada  

into offshore tax havens.


2017-11-12 Re PARADISE PAPERS, sent to CBC Fifth Estate (Offshore Tax Havens; Panama Papers)


It is important to tune in to the Fifth Estate TV show.   Every viewer is counted.   (I don’t know if there will be podcast.)

The message we send if we don’t tune in:  we do not care about the corruption.

It’s a small and easy thing:   more of us watching the footage and gnashing our teeth creates nervousness among the lords.

If we TUNE OUT because of disgust, or because it’s “too much”,  if we do nothing, we can’t expect anything to happen.

We are not victims.  . . .  we are the dragons, had forgotten it, but always knew . . “


NOTE:  Canadians for Tax Fairness  created an on-line letter that is easy for you to send to Finance Minister Bill Morneau, and to your MP.  The link to it is near the bottom of the above posting,  look for the word “RELATED” . . .

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re Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clauses in trade deals

I’ve been keeping an eye out for mainstream news coverage about the ISDS clauses in the trade deals (TPP11 and NAFTA) – – the clauses that create a higher level of law than our own national, provincial and municipal laws.  If laws passed by our Legislators are deemed to interfere with the potential profits of foreign corporations,  we citizens pay millions upon millions of dollars to the claimants, through tribunals that are not even public.

I paid particular attention recently, after reading Andrew Coyne’s political commentary on Trudeau in the Far East for TPP11 negotiations.  Coyne’s analysis made not one mention of ISDS.   And yet,  the number of people around the world who have been protesting and petitioning their Governments about ISDS is over a million.

It is incomprehensible and very troubling that Canadian mainstream media is silent on the matter of Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clauses in trade deals.


Who knows?  Maybe, in the case of Andrew Coyne, it’s related to his attendance at Bilderberg, Bilderberg 2015: 5 Canadians On Guest List, Including Andrew Coyne.   Click on ,  or,  I posted a back-up copy of the text on my blog, at


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MANY THANKS TO ELAINE, if you want to learn more about the TRADE DEALS:  ]


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WITH THANKS TO HART, petition to stop dumping of  2.3 million litres of a highly toxic pesticide into the Ocean.  Dec 1 deadline for signing:

In just two weeks BC will decide the fate of the waters of Clayoquot Sound, a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Industrial salmon farming giant Cermaq, has put in an application to use 2.3 million litres of a highly toxic pesticide off the coast of Vancouver Island to treat farmed salmon for sea lice.  

Farmed salmon are plagued by sea lice because of unhealthy and overcrowded conditions. Corporations like Cermaq are using ever more extreme methods to control the sea lice, threatening the marine environment and the livelihoods of communities who depend on it. 

Environment Minister George Heyman has the power to stop the application and protect Clayoquot Sound from Cermaq’s greedy practices. He needs to hear from us before December 1, when he is expected to decide on Cermaq’s permit.  


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