Jan 102018

You can watch the full announcement from the NYC Mayor here.   Incredibly good and courageous speeches.

If you steer clear of facebook,  watch it here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gawx1DoVGI8

See the action item for Canadians near the bottom.

From 350.org:

New York just added $200 billion — including tens of millions invested in companies operating in the tar sands — to the nearly $6 trillion in endowments and portfolios that have already been divested. When we dreamed up the idea of fossil fuel divestment in 2012 we were thinking: some colleges and some churches will do this. We didn’t dare dream that half a decade later one of the richest cities on earth would lead the charge.

We’ve seen a series of announcements recently that give us real hope for the future. Norway announced its state oil fund will divest from oil and gas. France announced it would ban any new oil and gas exploration anywhere on its territory. The World Bank announced it would cease funding new fossil free projects anywhere in the world. And of course, in 2017, the movement in Canada stopped Energy East — the largest tar sands pipeline ever proposed.

Momentum is on our side. We are at the beginning of something truly awe-inspiring in 2018. And that’s thanks to all sorts of folks coming together to stand up to the big greedy bosses of the fossil fuel industry. Our future is a Fossil Free one. Let’s show Prime Minister Trudeau that we believe this to be true here in Canada.


Bill and Naomi.


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