Jan 162018

The response below from the Government is in reply to my submission:

2018-01-15   Input to Govt: How can the Criminal Justice system be changed to better suit Canadians?

IMPORTANT:   the deadline for submissions has been extended, to January 31st.

ALSO:   I recommend the short video at  justicetransformation.ca 

I plan to participate beyond what I submitted, which largely focuses on “No, we do not have the Rule of Law in Canada”.   The people in Corporations and other people of power are not prosecuted for their crimes under The Law.   They are exempted.  Or, they pay fines, financed and expensed by the Corporation, and walk away.

Please communicate with as many Canadians as you can.  I hope my submission (Input to Govt)  makes it clear that we will ALL be the worse off,  if the status quo continues.

The issues I addressed may not be addressed by very many people.  But they are fundamental.   YOU will see things that I do not.  And you will say things better than I did.    Things have to be said by many people before there will be actual action.   This is an opportunity.   Let the waves be so large that the crumbling structure be washed out to sea.   Tinkering with the existing system will get us nowhere.   In my humble opinion!

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From: CJSR_RSJP [mailto:CJSR_RSJP  AT  justice.gc.ca]
Sent: January 16, 2018 7:09 AM
To: ‘Sandra Finley’
Subject: RE: How can the Criminal Justice system be changed to better suit Canadians?


Good morning Sandra,


Thank you for joining the conversation! We received your submission and appreciate that you have taken the time to share it with us. We value your input on transforming Canada’s criminal justice system. Please note the Department of Justice Canada’s online consultation will be open until January 31, 2018:  justicetransformation.ca   After this time, a report on what Canadians had to say will be made public on the Department’s website.


Thank you again for your email,


Criminal Justice System Review Secretariat

Department of Justice Canada

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