Jan 202018

To maintain my calm and good nature (ha ha!),  I wrote after listening to  – – –

(CBC, The House)   Montreal NAFTA talks could signal beginning of the end    (9 minutes)


2017-11-01   NZ joins the trend for countries to say no to ISDS (NAFTA and other trade deals)

2017-07-28    A monster payday in Argentina shows a flaw in Trump’s NAFTA renegotiation, David Dayen, The Intercept (ISDS)

2017-06-10    How can you ask questions about trade deals and NOT query Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) chapters? Question to CBC, The House.  


TO: The House, CBC Radio   (from on-line,  http://www.cbc.ca/radio/thehouse/contact)   Jan 20, 2018


American citizen resistance against NAFTA (therefore a huge ally of Trump) focuses on ONE issue.

I have not heard even once, discussion of that clause on The House.


That clause has also been a rallying point for Canadian citizens.  The application of “Chapter 11” in NAFTA has been much more egregious for Canadian citizens than American citizens.

How can the CBC claim to conduct unbiased and informing journalism when a critical viewpoint is omitted from the debate?

NAFTA Chapter 11 (Investor State Dispute Settlement – ISDS) established closed tribunals under which businesses make claims against the Government of Canada.   The tribunals have awarded hundreds of millions of dollars to corporations.  Corporate tribunals, corporate lawyers, are, under NAFTA, a higher authority than the Laws that Canadians pass in their parliaments and legislatures.   What we have in NAFTA is a hi-jacking of the public purse.

Awards given by the NAFTA ISDS tribunals are a direction to the Government, to hand over taxes paid by Canadian citizens, to the corporate claimant.

It is outrageous,  and you do not discuss it.

Sandra Finley

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