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With thanks to Janet M,   I watched the movie.

And used it in reply to Mellisa, re “Strategies”,  see below.


. . .  To my shame, I had never heard of this woman.

Who btw, is an old pal, I guess, of Gloria Steinem. Who appears several times in the documentary.

Lawyer. Life-long defender (FIERCE) defender, I might add of women’s rights. People’s rights! People of all stripes.

A lawyer who is not afraid to carry a placard, or organize a sit-in.   Incredible warrior woman!

If you need a shot of inspiration, I suggest you watch it! It’s on Netflix 

(INSERT, Sandra:   It was at the Sundance Film Festival, and is now in some theatres.   On Netflix I found it through the little icon of a magnifying glass (the search button); enter “Allred”).

& it MadeMyWeek!!!! No kidding.

Here is an article about the documentary.



p.s. …  Brenda watched & said (using the Subject line ‘Gloria!’)

Thank you my friend  So glad you brought my attention to this  So inspiring! I never knew her story  I really love the way she diffused the fury of the people who attacked  her  This makes her even stronger  I will go to bed tonight with a smile on my face!  Liz said: Glorious! Truly enjoyed this recommendation of yours, so THANKS! Janet 🙂

I had never heard of her either – maybe because we’re not regular TV watchers??! But will definitely watch again, and share with others!

I really learned from her forbearance – I would have immediately slugged the guy who relentlessly taunted her at the Women’s March in Washington last January.

WOW is right!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  = = = = = = = =


In reply to Melissa’s “Comment” on the posting  Zsuzsanna Holland, mercury fillings, lawsuit against Dental Assoc., B.C.

I am thinking: the strategies used in any battle are important to success. So too, are the weapons used.  A lawsuit is just one of the options.

Susan Shackleton (one of the other Commenters) told me of the huge effort in 1998, in Ontario, by Wayne Obie to launch a lawsuit re dental amalgam. 8,000 people were signed up. This posting is about another person’s efforts, Zsuzsanna Holland’s, to obtain justice through the court system. ZsuZsuanna went to the end of the line: the Supreme Court of Canada decision was to not hear her appeal of the Provincial Court’s decision. The same thing happened in the appeal process when I was found guilty over the StatsCan / census / Lockheed Martin / constitutional right to privacy of personal information issue. The Supreme Court elected not to hear the appeal. That’s as far as an individual case can go in the Justice System. But it’s not the end-of-the-line, by any means.

Susan and I did look into the possibility of another lawsuit. A small bit of the correspondence is appended. Today, I think “never mind how much time a class action lawsuit would take to organize, given how long court cases take, I’d be dead before there was any resolution!” The Justice system is not always about justice – – it can be about overcoming decades of conditioning, of propaganda.

The not-so-well-known American rights lawyer, Gloria Allred, with decades of experience, uses alternative strategies to Court, when Court isn’t going to work. A recent movie “Seeing Allred” tells the strategies she has used to great success. I’ll post (the above).  I’m not saying that her strategies should be used; just saying that other strategies besides lawsuits can be used, with good success.

Wayne Obie dedicated himself to the cause of stopping mercury fillings, at great personal cost. I haven’t heard from Zsuzsanna recently; I don’t know how she’s doing.

Their courageous work is carried on by many people and organizations. The weapon used is information. We aren’t all Gloria Allred’s. Or Robert F Kennedy Jr’s (Kennedy’s specialty is the poisoning of water supplies. A no-brainer, mercury going down the drain from dental offices helped motivate him on this specific topic.) You have to be crazy to be knowingly putting mercury into water supplies, let alone directly into humans. Next thing you know, they’ll be changing the Periodic Table to change mercury from the most toxic of the elements to becoming a beneficial one!

So what do we do? these are changing times. The justice system is not the only means to bring an end to the slow poisoning of people by implanting mercury in their mouths, and dumping it in waterways.

When I see a child, I hope they will be spared. That’s a decision by their parents or care-givers. And if the dentists charge a bonus for non-mercury alternatives, then it may be a decision dictated by income.

I can’t shout loud enough, or send enough emails to make a difference. But Canadians are pretty good at talking with each other, and using their ingenuity. I think of the suffragettes – – women who fought for the right to vote. In the UK and in the USA the suffragettes were brutalized by the powers-that-were. They were imprisoned, force-fed when they went on hunger strikes. It was terrible what they went through, but they didn’t stop. They won. Canadian women did street theatre. They mocked the men, they made people laugh at the silliness of the arguments. They fought hard, but with different tools, and won.

Talk, talk, talk. Be alert. Plug into a network that specializes in mercury fillings. The mission is to prevent other people from having to suffer what you did. The opportunities to participate in a way that suits you, will come.

Best wishes,


From: Sandra Finley
Sent: August 22, 2016 9:40 AM
To: Kathryn
Subject: Mercury fillings, Wayne Obie

Hi Kathryn,

Susan Shackleton from Vancouver is interested in the idea of starting a Petition to get the use of mercury fillings stopped. I suspect – – hope – – there will be step-by-step work on that. (I have a few too many pots on the stove to be the initiator.)

Will you let me know if you have any success in finding Wayne Obie?
I sent an email to the lawyer David Himelfarb (employed by Wayne in the 1990’s), this morning. I hope it was okay to tell your connection.  Here’s what I said:

For purpose of collecting signatures for a Petition on mercury fillings,
Do you know if there is any way of finding names of people (8,000) who were associated with the 1998 lawsuit?
I understand there may be privacy considerations and some of the people will now be deceased.
We found Kathryn (surname deleted) who helped with the 1998 suit. She knew Wayne Obie quite well. . . . He might still have info that would be helpful in contacting some of the 1998 people.

There is new research that adds to the already-solid base for stopping the use of mercury fillings.

Thank-you for your consideration.

Thank-you so much for taking my phone call Kathryn, and for discussing what must be a difficult subject for you.

Best wishes,
Sandra Finley

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