Feb 222018

I  received the MARYLAND HPV LETTER  after sending a letter to a School Division in Alberta about the same issue.  The Maryland letter is better than mine!

The introduction to the letter:

It highlights, among other things, an obvious increase in death due to all causes in the studies on Gardisil™ safety, and an increase in the relative risk of suicide among patients in those studies.  Josh (author of the Letter) has given permission for anyone who can use the information contained in his letter in any format they choose, to inform their own school boards, Boards of Health, legislators etc. that the people will not tolerate the use of public schools as a place to advertise Gardasil™, a faulty and defective product.  These are the facts. Feel free to cut and paste them into your own letters and emails. The evidence of unacceptable levels of risk of injury is overwhelming. It is the considered opinion of this scientist that support for Gardasil™ use on any population must be dropped in the United States of America and its territories.   -James Lyons-Weiler, PhD,

The Maryland letter is cordial,  presents the refuting information well, and with citations.

It ends with

However, I wish to make my position absolutely clear : if this stealth marketing campaign is not immediately denounced at the highest levels of our state government, and if action is not taken to investigate the potentially fraudulent claims in the Tai/Chan letter, I will examine legal options to force this issue.


Josh Mazer

MARYLAND HPV LETTER    http://ipaknowledge.org/Maryland-HPV-Letter.php

With thanks to Janet M.


Check this out: http://ipaknowledge.org/Maryland-HPV-Letter.php

How school vaccine clinics are intimidating kids into being vaccinated


As you can see, there’s really a lot going on, on the vaccine front!

VCC (Vaccine Choice Canada) still needs members! Please join if you haven’t already.


& please consider joining in w. the VCC group in Toronto. We need helpers, always —- & especially some willing to do occasional noise-making with placards & such.

Folks from out of town very welcome. One person came last night from Uxbridge, Brenda came in from Whitby.

Join us!


p.s. I add constantly to my 2 main vaccine postings Vaccines: Miscellany, A – Z  https://www.janetsplanet.ca/blog/vaccines-miscellany-a-z

& Vaccines: It’s Flu (Shot) Season! https://www.janetsplanet.ca/blog/vaccines-flu-season

Cannot keep up to all the news & revelations!?

But I find it handy, even for myself, to have these collections to go to where I know I can find a variety of relevant info, right handy.

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