Feb 272018

2018-02-27  Live-streaming tomorrow, Jury reform in Canada, Prof Kent Roach, Wednesday Feb 28, 1pm CST

Thanks to Jim Pulfer for the alert.

2018-02-23 CORRECTION, Vaccines: It is Legislated – – vaccines are NOT mandatory anywhere in Canada.

Geez!  I hate to put out incorrect information.  Many thanks to Angela B and Janet M for setting me straight.

2016-04-12 Retired judge Marie Corbett reflects on feeling ‘powerless over crime’, CBC The Current interview

This 2016 interview was re-broadcast in January 2018.  Marie Corbett’s book:  January: A Woman Judge’s Season of Disillusion

2018-02-20 The secret to happiness? Ask this Yale professor (and the 1,200 students taking her class), CBC The Current

There is HOPE!  To see this happening in a prestigious university adds weight.   It reminded me of:

2009-11-04 EXTRAORDINARY, JK Rowling, Address to Harvard U.

2018-02-23 Uranium industry slumps, nuclear power dead in the water (?)

I added the question mark because of 2 developments that are important but not mentioned, IMHO!

2018-02-24 Julian Assange: Ecuador says latest talks on release failed

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