Mar 132018

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From: OpenMedia
Subject: They’re afraid to air our ads


Radio stations are refusing to run our ads educating Canadians about Bell’s proposal for extrajudicial website blocking. Why? Because they’re afraid the ads would give the CRTC ammunition to remove their license.

What a cold and hard reminder of why it’s so critical to keep the Internet free of censorship like this, which makes it easy for a small handful of powerful entities to police what we can and can’t say online.

This is exactly why we can’t back down.

Our last message about this:

This just leaked: In a desperate attempt to front up public support for their Internet censorship proposal, Bell is asking its own employees to file pro-website blocking submissions to the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).1

The consequences of Bell’s manipulation could be far reaching:

– If the CRTC takes Bell’s side, it would force your Internet Service Provider to blacklist websites because Bell and a group of other corporations say those websites help promote pirated content. No judicial oversight would be involved in the process.

Can we trust a group of corporations, including shady players like Bell, to police what we can and can’t see online?

Absolutely not. That’s why we need to make sure opposition from the public is so overwhelming the CRTC doesn’t even bat an eye at Bell’s dirty attempt to win their favour. But we’re running out of time—the CRTC’s deadline for public comments is creeping up fast.

Will you donate today so we can buy key ads to flood the airwaves with your message?

Donate to Stop Bell’s Plans for Censorship

Bell is known for using dirty tactics to prop themselves up. In 2015, they paid a fine of $1.25 million after employees were encouraged to post favourable online reviews.2

This time, we can show them their tricks are no match for hundreds of thousands of Internet activists like us.

Thanks for all that you do,
The OpenMedia Team

[1] Michael Geist: Twitter
[2] Bell Canada reaches agreement with Competition Bureau over online reviews: Competition Bureau

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