Mar 052009

Trial date is not known. 


2003-2004:  Along with thousands of Canadians, I communicated to Statistics Canada – do not contract out 2006 census work to Lockheed Martin Corp, war monger that manufactures weapons that contravene International Humanitarian Law (land-mines and cluster bombs for example).  I will not be complicit in the enrichment of corporations that engage in illegal and immoral acts.

2006:  Did not fill in census form, in protest of Lockheed Martin contracts for census work.

March 2008:  charged under the Statistics Act with failure to comply with the 2006 census.

April 15:   In Court, trial date was set for January 7 & 8, 2009

December 08 through to January 2:  communicated with the Court to confirm trial date and arrangements.

January 5:  I was asked to be present for conversation with the Administrative Judge and the prosecutor.

January 6:  Am advised that “Case Management” for my trial slipped through the cracks.

“Case management” for my trial

– started on January 6th 2009

– was continued  Jan 29th

– will be continued (is now adjourned until) March 26th,  2:00pm in court room # 8.

A trial date has not been set.  Hopefully it will be set on March 26th

WHEN will the trial be?  WHEN will the decision be known?

–  it could now be the end of 2009 before the trial happens.

–  it could be 2010 before the verdict in known.

–  who knows?!

In the meantime, the outcome of Todd’s trial will be grist for the mill.

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