Mar 212018   Does Environment Minister McKenna KNOW that Natural Resources Minister Carr is pushing nuclear energy in the climate talks, May, Copenhagen?   My letter to Catherine McKenna.


2018-03-14   Offshore drilling too risky for U.S. Eastern Seaboard, but not for Canada?   Chronicle Herald.   (Minister McKenna approved BP to drill up to 7 exploratory wells off the coast of NS, wells up to twice depth of Macondo well of Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico disaster.)


TIME is an ILLUSION said EINSTEIN – (the space-time continuum) (10.5 minute video)


2018-03-18   New Book By Prof. Harry Glasbeek A Must Read     

provides readers with an analysis of the legal justifications used to replace moral and ethical values with the crimes of corporate capitalism


2018-03-18   Vaccines: Journalists’ “Shots” Sometimes Miss Their Mark. World Mercury Project. Includes “what’s in it for some (U.S.) doctors?”


2018-03-15   Study: How to Understand and Help the Vaccine Doubters


2018-03-13   Bell’s proposal for extrajudicial website blocking


2018-03-21   Hallelujah!  GDAE Textbooks for Economics Courses (Tufts University)

RE:  economic indicators


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