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Recall:  this is pipeline and tanker EXPANSION.  It’s always “more”.   They are never satisfied, no matter the consequences.

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From: Atiya Jaffar –
Sent: March 22, 2018 1:21 PM

Subject: This is Trudeau’s worst nightmare


Over 80 arrests at the Kinder Morgan terminal with more expected.

Dear Friends,

We are watching history in the making right now on the coast of BC. Since Saturday, over 80 people have been arrested taking bold action on Burnaby Mountain to protect the land, water, and climate from the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline. And more actions are expected in the days to come.  

We gave Trudeau fair warning to expect a massive uprising of non-violent resistance if he approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline and that’s exactly what we’re seeing. This is the moment for all of us to stand together in this fight. It’s time for us to “warrior up” as Coast Salish peoples at the forefront of the Kinder Morgan fight have called on us to do. Sign up today to join bold actions to #ProtecttheInlet.

[There are good photos – – I cannot upload them for you,  and I don’t know if there’s a URL I can send you to.  /Sandra]

The scale of resistance here on the West Coast has been massive, powerful, and at times overwhelming. Since Saturday, wave upon wave of concerned community members have marched to the Kinder Morgan terminal and tied themselves to the gates — blocking access to the facility for hours and breaking the company’s court-granted injunction. I was one of them.

On Tuesday, I was arrested at the Kinder Morgan terminal alongside fellow young people who are ready to fight for our future because politicians refuse to do so. Others who have taken bold action so far include the founders of Greenpeace, a former Kinder Morgan employee, a palliative care nurse who is determined “to fight for life,” an elderly couple who were both retired opera singers, and many more.

In addition to this resistance at the Kinder Morgan gates, on Monday, Terry Christenson, a 76 year old grandfather climbed atop a tree that Kinder Morgan has flagged for clearance and refused to come down until the pipeline was stopped. But the more of us the better. Can you sign up to join in the resistance for the next two days?

So many, like myself, have never been arrested before but all of us fear the impacts of this pipeline much more than the repercussions of an arrest.

Our pressure is working. We’ve gotten nonstop media coverage of our actions nationally and locally. Tens of thousands of people are starting to learn about this pipeline and the wall of opposition to it in Burnaby.

It’s clear the Trudeau government is getting nervous too. Everyday as more Indigenous leaders, youth, grandparents, engineers, teachers, nurses and community members get arrested in resistance to Kinder Morgan, Trudeau’s reputation as a climate leader and champion for Indigenous rights cracks a little more.

If you can’t join the bold actions, we’d love for you to help take this message to Liberal MPs. You can join the national day of action this Friday to deliver water from the Burrard Inlet to offices of members of parliament across the country. There will be over 50 water deliveries across the country. Find a delivery near you on the map.

More and more people across the country have their eyes on the situation on Burnaby Mountain. As growing waves of concerned community members are arrested to make way for a Texas-oil company’s massive pipeline and tanker project, we can expect a growing change in public opinion in favour of our movement. And we can take it one step further by reminding the Trudeau government that this fight is national on Friday.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to stand beside Indigenous leaders and people all across the country, like you, in this fight. Thank you for all the action that you have taken to stop Kinder Morgan.

I have a feeling we’re going to win,

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  3 Responses to “2018-03-22 This is Trudeau’s worst nightmare”


    Sent: March 23, 2018 11:47 AM
    To: Sandra Finley
    Subject: Re: FW: This is Trudeau’s worst nightmare

    Freedom of expression allows us the ability to think and act Sandra. Our Prime Minister has approved the Kinder-Morgan pipeline from day 1. He also brought back the long census form.

    Living on the prairies, and having pipelines through our land, without mishap, for more than 50 yrs., I just do not understand the malcontent.

    A few years ago, when I was with my brother and our granddaughter in a café in Vancouver a disturbing encounter made me aware of the bias within this protest. A women at an adjoining table began a conversation in and around banks and had handouts to push on bystanders, us. She then started a conversation around pipelines. I told her my story. She accused me:”you’re lieing” she said.

    Hmmm Too close-minded for me. Then, on the Greyhound bus ride home, my seatmate (a stranger) and I, were verbally attacked from a youngish (40?) man, two seats up, who overheard my seatmate talk about her son-in-law, who worked in Calgary. Again, regarding pipelines.

    This is a crazy country we live in.

    The most effective protest I have participated in, was via FB, non-partisan, well organized, when a group of literate Canadians from Saskatchewan, wrote letters to the Premier and Education minister of that time, asking them to keep the public library system intact. They did.

    I do not lie. I do think, read, observe, and act accordingly.

    You are my friend Sandra, but I disagree with you on this issue.


    • Thanks Cathy.

      As always I appreciate your straight-forwardness, and the fact that you take time to explain where you are coming from.

      To me it is inevitable that we will disagree on some questions/issues. We are, each and everyone, molded by our experiences, family histories, education, friends and relatives, books that we read, genetics, innate personalities, environment, serendipity, (anything else?!). The variables are so many, we can’t help but hold different views on different issues, if we are thinking and reflective.

      I have a great deal of respect for you, and always will. I find you enlivening.

      Parallel, I may have mentioned this before: I am a supporter of Elizabeth May. She and I disagree on some issues and strategies. That does not get in the way of our friendship. I think it is the same between you and me.

      Have a good day,


  2. Cathy, I have to agree with Sandra on this one. Nobody in government or business is preparing people for the above collapse. What we are doing is continuing with business-as-usual without anticipating the extreme costs that our children are paying.

    In order to grasp the enormity of this issue, it’s important to understand a few things:
    1) There are about 10 calories of energy that go into producing 1 calorie of food.
    2) Most of those calories of energy come from fossil fuels
    3) Fossil fuels are becoming harder and harder to extract due to the exhaustion of easy to access oil, making it necessary to use riskier methods to maintain supplies.
    4) We live on a finite planet. Not to mention the effect that the burning of fossil fuels has on our climate.
    5) As a consequence of our dependence on a limited resource, we are facing a collapse of our entire affluent way of life in the coming years – not decades. I highly recommend this video series which explains in thorough, scientific detail, why expanding production and consumption of fossil fuels is catastrophic for our planet.
    6) “One gallon of used motor oil can contaminate 1 million gallons of fresh water – a year’s supply of water for 50 people. The United States generates a total of 1.3 billion gallons of waste oil each year of which 800 million gallons are recycled and 500 million are disposed of improperly. ”

    Also, it’s so easy to assume that your positive experience with pipelines and your belief that there are no issues with pipelines and shipping in general apply globally. I’m sure you’re aware that there have been MANY catastrophic spills both on land and in water.

    I’m glad you’ve had 50 years of living with a pipeline in your vicinity. I’d suggest you research the lifespan of that pipeline because they do not last forever and you may find yourself facing a challenge that millions of others have had to face when an oil spill destroyed their coastlines, along with their livelihoods and their health.

    At some point our species needs to start behaving like adults and acknowledge our responsibility to our children and future generations by preparing them for a very different future. We owe it to them to demand that our government lead the way in conserving energy, teaching people how to live simpler lives, reduce consumption, become more independent of energy infrastructure, develop resilient communities.

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