Apr 302018

A half-hour interview.  Michael Enright has a large audience.   CBC Radio, “The Sunday Edition”.

This author Chris Turner is presented as an authority.    His book, The Patch.

The interview is  . . .        http://www.cbc.ca/radio/thesundayedition/a-primer-on-the-kinder-morgan-pipeline-1.4638118

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  1.   Sent to The Sunday Edition:

I believe I heard Chris Turner say that there is no planned expansion of tar sands development.  But I can’t believe he would have said that.  Not if he’s researched and published a book on “The Patch”.

Please see Financial Post article, Feb 27, 2018.  “Canada’s largest integrated energy company has filed an application for a massive new oilsands project defying expectations of slowing growth in the oilsands

Suncor Energy files application for 160,000-bpd Lewis oilsands project

If I heard Chris Turner right, is this some kind of Post Truth?    (INSERT:  Post Truth was addressed in an interview later in the programme.)

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2. a.   Sent to the CBC Ombudsperson:   See 2.b.  I withdrew the complaint, at least for the time being.

April 29.
Among other statements,  misinformation from author Chris Turner that went unchallenged,  was wording along the lines “no expansion in oilsands production”.

How about this, from the Financial Post (Feb 2018), which puts the lie to the test:
“Canada’s largest integrated energy company has filed an application for a massive new oilsands project defying expectations of slowing growth in the oilsands”
Suncor Energy files application for 160,000-bpd Lewis oilsands project

I am going to do a statement-by-statement refutation of the serious propaganda spewed in the half-hour interview, the preceding is one example among many.

In order to provide unbiased journalism, you HAVE TO know something about what you are talking about.  Otherwise you don’t know the questions to ask.   All you do is to nod your head in agreement.   You are a dupe.

If the CBC team responsible for the Sunday Edition know nothing about a subject, they have no business including it in their programming.

Chris Turner makes the point that just because someone writes a book on a particular topic, it does not mean that the information they present is reliable, or that they are to be trusted without incisive questioning.

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2.  b.  Sent to the CBC Ombudsperson:

I submitted a complaint a short while ago.
I wish to withdraw it.
Please acknowledge that you have done so.
I may submit a revised statement later.

As I am transcribing the interview, I recognize that I most likely interpreted what I heard, from an invested viewpoint.  I have long experience with the o&g industry, the consolidation and sell-off of Canadian producers to Transnational Corporate bodies, the corrupting influence of the industry, the public subsidies, the poisoning of water.

The industry creates paupers of local people, driving them from their homes – – the example of the Ogoni in the Niger Delta, of the Aamjiwnaang in Sarnia ON next to the Suncor refineries,  the Chipewyan downstream Ft McMurray and so on.

I live on the West Coast now.  As it happens,  cholera and norovirus are in our offshore waters – – from the failure to regulate and protect against human sewage going into the marine environment  (let alone dilbit.)

You in Ontario are not exempt from what happens here.  Our oysters are shipped to you; norovirus.

The vector for cholera in Canadian waters?   Follow the Haiti outbreak (first ever cholera in Haiti) after the hurricane in 2010.  UN peacekeepers carry cholera in their bodies from Afghanistan and other assignment locations in the Far East, and elsewhere, to Haiti.  The toilets on the UN base are next to a tributary and not properly contained.   The cholera bacteria are carried in feces to the local population.  It spreads to the Dominican Republic and to Cuba.  Venezuaelans  (and Canadians?) visit, pick up the cholera and transport it to their countries.   Where it enters the Water because we are ineffective at Regulation and Enforcement.   How do you know that your diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration are from a “flu” bug, and not norovirus or cholera?  The symptoms are very similar if not the same, and we all have different immune system capabilities.

It seems to me that Michael Enright, others in the media, others who are not “Directly Affected” (the name of a new documentary), are too eager to make light of a serious situation.   They do not actually comprehend what many First Nations people understand:   we cannot put MORE poisons into the water.  Surely to God we have received sufficient feedback.  We know enough about the propaganda, REASSURANCES around “most heavily regulated” , “emergency response teams” – – we can’t even keep human sewage out of the water.  Did they tell you – cholera?

May we all Eat our oysters and herring roe with iron stomach.


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