Jun 112018
Our network began almost 20 years ago, in an effort to protect water.

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Young Canadian Coco Love Alcorn, songwriter and musician, wrote The River.  In the youtube, she’s the one with short black hair, front, left.

  • Two nights ago I went to visit Karla Mundy and her Rhythm ‘n Roots choir in Vancouver. I stood and listened as they sang their version of my song The River. It was an incredible moment to hear a song I’d written 2 years ago come to life with their soloist Noa Neuman Spivak and 40 plus voices.  In less than a minute I was wiping some misty tears of joy and raw emotion off my cheeks. Like a proud song mama!


(Sandra speaking)  I like the video!   The lyrics are below.    From “The River”  I went to Coco’s song  “Revolution“.  Crazy how I came across Coco at a time when I was posting  “Hear the People Sing“, a now international song of protest from “Les Miserables”.


From the album Wonderland

The river is a healer
The river is a sage
The river knows no end
And the river feels no age
The river is a leader
Every single day
It’s living in the moment
And it always finds a way

Water heal my body
Water heal my soul
When I go down, down
To the water
By the water I feel whole

The river calls me over
It’s calling out my name
In the day and in the night
I hear that river all the same
It’s calling me over
Calling out my pain
Oh a river gathers tears
Just like a river gathers rain


The river is a traveller
Always on the go
A river never worries
If it’s fast or if it’s slow
River take me
To where I need to go
Oh, and I will just relax
And let the river flow


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