Jun 172018

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This gold mine was once so dangerous that it killed a toddler who ate snow two kilometres away. Canada’s second-largest environmental liability is inside Yellowknife city limits — and intrinsically tied to the city’s history and future. The federal government has now inherited the billion-dollar cleanup effort that could span a century.

This is Giant Mine

It’s a 900-hectare maze of dusty tailings ponds, yawning open pits, poisoned water, toxic soil and decaying buildings full of arsenic.
It’s the second most contaminated site in Canada, a billion-dollar cleanup project being paid for by taxpayers after the company folded.

Giant Mine is located within Yellowknife’s city limits, casting a long shadow on the city in the form of arsenic dust that has coated the lakes and soil in and around the city.

We sent photographer Matt Jacques and deputy editor Jimmy Thomson to see the site for themselves. Check that story out here.

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Emma Gilchrist
Editor-in-Chief, The Narwhal

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