Jul 092018

 The driver behind this video is a popular, well-known German comedian, I believe.

In my mind, the video is an interesting and creative tactic to counter the drift toward fascism.

One complaint?:  the language of the young girl near the end is offensive.

Or, a recommendation?:  Stop the video, don’t listen to the rest, when the young girl takes centre stage.

Or, how about this?:   figure out WHY the shock was used.    It’s obviously smart people who made the video.   Maybe? it goes  like this:   the makers took the obscenities used by those they oppose, and put them into the mouth of a “sweet young thing” associated with Deutschland (Germany).   The crudity of  those they oppose is thereby amplified a hundred fold.   I think it’s effective,  IF you can stomach it long enough to figure it out.   Then next time,  stop the video before the end!



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