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Update: Roundup Class Action Suit for False Advertising is Going National

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2015-04-21 Class Action LawSuits Against Monsanto (false advertising, glyphosate)
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From: Rae
Sent: Mon, 19 Oct 2015
Subject: CBC Radio Announces Class Action Suits Against Monsanto

Just announced on CBC Radio that class action suits against Monsanto are being commenced in the states, due to the harm caused by Round-up.  False advertising . . . .  Monsanto claims/advertises that glyphosate in Round-up kills enzymes in plants but not in animals.  Studies that substantiates this were funded by Monsanto. However, Independent studies are confirming such a link in humans.  As a result, people developing Hodgkins and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in areas where Round-up is sprayed are joining in class action suits against Monsanto.  More news about this should be forthcoming.

Interesting following our discussion at the Senate yesterday, Monsanto’s proclivity to self-funded research is coming home to roost. We will have to follow this study, and perhaps raise this finding at the next meeting where Ernie Barber (Senior Administrator at the U of S) is to report back to us regarding regulatory reforms with respect to Monsanto and Peter Phillip’s research.

Kudos to (- – )  for raising the issue of self-funding in this case, at the Senate.

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Do you know which CBC program reported Monsanto lawsuits?
I posted April report,  (URL above, 2015-04-21)  But would like CBC (Canadian) report.


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