Aug 252018

There’s another round of consultations re neonic chemicals, deadline soon passed.   During the last round,  not very long ago, Health Canada received 46,000 communications.   Why we need another round I do not know.

As I wrote to one of the organizations:

Realistically, you have to call them on the corruption, if we are to make any progress.

(I’m from Saskatchewan, an agricultural province, and a graduate of the University of Sask.   I was an elected member of University Senate for six years. The neonic chemicals are understood within that framework.)

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Dear Minister Ginette Petipas Taylor,


A lawsuit has been launched against the University of Saskatchewan over the issue of agricultural chemicals. Imidacloprid is one such chemical, in the class referred to as “neonics”.

The posting explains why the neonics are not going to be banned.  I’ve been watching the ag-chemical corporations and how they operate for a couple of decades.  You’re engaged in unrealistic fantasizing if you believe the neonics will be banned.  At least, not without a huge fight.

The Industry has re-framed themselves as, for example, the “Global Institute for Food Security“.   Take a look at the players – – they are the ag-chem guys.  They are well-known scoundrels, liars, and corrupters of public institutions.  Hence the international “March Against Monsanto“.

The court case against the University of Sask came a week before the jury verdict in California that awarded $289 million to Dewayne Johnson  who has terminal cancer.  Monsanto knew, and knows, what its chemicals do.  Monsanto no longer exists – – Bayer CropScience bought it.

(UPDATE:  Nov. 1/18  The groundskeeper who won a massive civil suit against Bayer’s Monsanto claiming that the weedkiller Roundup caused his cancer has agreed to accept $78 million, after a judge substantially reduced the jury’s original $289 million award.)

After the verdict Bayer’s stock price dropped 14%.   There are an estimated 5,000  (UPDATE:  8,000)  other lawsuits already in progress.  Not all about cancer, also charges of false advertising.

The prognosis is good, dependent upon citizen determination.  The forced abandonment of the name “Monsanto”, the jury verdict ($289 million to Johnson), and the pending (8,000) more lawsuits bode well.   (Listen to the video of the Judge reading out the Jury’s verdict in the Monsanto trial.)

Canadians, with good reason, have little faith remaining in Health Canada (the PMRA) to protect citizens against the skulduggery of corporations like those represented by CropLife Canada, the lobbyists for the industry, infiltrators of the regulatory system and the University.    I’d be happy to fill you in on the details.

I hope you will find the  posting  brief and to-the-point – – what’s behind the lawsuit.  It explains the difficulty getting through the corruption to the actual banning of the neonic chemicals.

(2018-08-18) SIGNIFICANCE EXPLAINED: U of Saskatchewan taken to Court, Refuses to disclose Right to Know symposium proceedings.


In the public interest,

Sandra Finley

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