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2018-09-14    UPDATE to Leakers and Publishers: Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Arjen Kamphuis, Net neutrality

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Oil’s Deep State

Kevin Taft‘s new book

2017-10   Book, Oil’s Deep State, How the petroleum industry undermines democracy and stops action on global warming – in Alberta, and in Ottawa

I am going to hear what Kevin Taft has to say!   in COURTENAY

2018-09-13   An evening with Kevin Taft, author, “Oil’s Deep State”. Courtenay, BC, Sept 13

The author of this other book on the petroleum industry is a nice-sounding propagandist, as far as I am concerned.   I complained to the CBC, and stopped short of registering a full complaint with the CBC Ombudsperson.

2018-04-29 Chris Turner, author of “The (Oil) Patch”, interview. Pipelines and Bitumen.

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2018-09-08     Staring down opposite ends of the same pipeline  (Oil sands – Suncor; Nuclear – Cameco; Pipeline – Kinder Morgan -Trans Mountain)

(I made this into its own, separate posting)

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Good News stories re  Tar Sands and Pipeline Expansions:

 2018-09-05   EcoJustice suing to protect the endangered orcas

2018-08-30 Federal Court of Appeal overturned the Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline approval!

2018-08-30 VICTORY: We’ve defeated Trans Mountain,  from EcoJustice (lawyers for the case)

Reply to: the Court Decision on the TransMountain (Kinder Morgan) Pipeline is “a big mistake”

2018-08-06   Comment on “Estimates of exceedances of critical loads for acidification”, includes connection tar sands – nuclear

The huge planned expansion of Tar Sands production will, among other ills, exacerbate climate change.   Meanwhile . . .


Building sea-side, sea-level higher-density housing when sea levels are rising.   Who is going to pay, in the end?

The Good News is Mobilization to stop it.   Your signature on a Petition will be helpful to local people. 

Click on   2018-08-02   (Salish Sea)  Save French Creek Estuary Land

(checked with Denise:  as of approximately Oct 1, 2018,  about 1,500 people have signed the petition)

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How is it that EVERYTHING is important?  This too, Canadians should know about:

2018-08-20  Nuclear Industry,  A New Era: Abandoning Defunct Nuclear Reactors  Press Release.

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2018-09     2018, a REALLY bad year for Monsanto (and new owner, Bayer CropScience)

The information that was here, is updated and in a separate posting   2018, a REALLY bad year for Monsanto . . .

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2018-09-02 Vaccinations, Gardasil (HPV Vaccine), Update

2018-08-22 Change the world, not yourself, or how Arendt called out Thoreau – – from Aeon. By Katie Fitzpatrick

A Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime

2018-09-03   GDP still vital tool, but new ways needed to take Singapore’s pulse, Business Times     Is there a crack in the wall?  A business publication hinting that our economic indicators are insufficient?!   I hope to find time to contact and support the academics who are stepping up to the plate – – tell them about the new textbooks that are already available (Tufts University).

2018-08-25   “Salish Sea”, poster for book event, Sept 24





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