Aug 302018

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?         Dogwood Initiative    Decided Sept 13,  no.

  1.      Confirmed Sept 5           Donations                                        Lou     Table #1

2.            Confirmed Sept 5           Municipal Elections Oct 20    David Todtman

3.            Confirmed Sept 5          French River Estuary Land   Denise Foster

4.            Confirmed                      Book Sales      Sarah will look after the table

5.            Sept 19                             CPOC

From Sheri, CPOC    (Offer accepted)

I could set up a table with a sign BE PART OF THE SOLUTION if thats OK. Along with metal straws, cloth bags etc. Also our t-shirts and hats if you wish

?           QB Streamkeepers

?            SOS  Bowser

?            Water sign-up sheet? – – leave to CPOC

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