Sep 022018
Kids starting back to school.   Time for vaccinations.
I do not envy parents of youngsters, having to make a decision:  to vaccinate for HPV, or not vaccinate.
I looked for current news re Gardasil (HPV).


. . .    court case alleging blatant corruption.

There has been documented evidence that the HPV vaccine has caused more injuries than any other vaccination in history. Despite this evidence however, the HPV vaccination has continued to be hailed a success by the pharmaceutical industry and governments alike.

According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) VigiAccess database, as of April 09, 2018, a total of 85,329 reports of adverse reactions have been filed regarding the HPV vaccination. These reports include 37,699 reports of nervous system disorders; 2450 cardiac disorders, (including 38 cardiac arrests) 533 reports of Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS); over 3200 reports of seizures or epilepsy, 8453 syncope and 389 deaths.

The court case uses international data.

Data on vaccine injury

  • to children
  • in the U.S.  – – IF  a complaint is filed (dependent on parents knowing that the Vaccine Court exists,  and being able to hire lawyers to represent them

is at   National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, U.S.

– – – – –
Thank you for speaking up re Gardasil vaccination received by your son. You may want to look at this comprehensive documentation. There’s a video, can skip down to (Sacrificial Virgins). If the influence of Big Pharma was not so large in Canada, I think your school would have known about the HPV vaccines. Your son would not have been vaccinated with it, nor would the girls have been, not based on what has happened in many countries.


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  1. Thanks for sharing my article. I am writing a second one about HPV vaccination, which will include a huge amount of new information, including important info from symposia in Tokyo and Dublin earlier this year. My new tome should be on line very soon.

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