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 The most recent battle won, SEPTEMBER:

2018-09-22    We beat Monsanto!!!!  AVAAZ   (NY judge absolutely DESTROYED Monsanto’s subpoena on Avaaz)

 From this baseline early in 2018, MARCH:

2018-03-07 All of this directed against Monsanto!

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The following was circulated in AUGUST,

2018-08-11 Monsanto ordered to pay $289m  (update: $78m) as jury rules weedkiller caused man’s cancer, The Guardian


Monsanto – – Aftermath of the $289 million (update $78m)   court award to Dewayne Johnson (terminal cancer),

(In the preceding posting, the video of the Judge reading the Jury’s verdict is worth your while.)

RELATED:   Kennedy refers to the “IBT Scandals“.  Earlier postings about IBT and its relationship to Monsanto:

2006-05-01   CONTEXT Corruption of the companies. Public Record.      (Scroll down to Item #4)

2009-07-25   Quick & Quiet, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved a new genetically engineered corn with eight different insect- and weed-fighting traits (“Smartstax”)

How about this?!   Hollywood stars doing a movie on Monsanto’s nemesis, Percy Schmeiser!   Percy is now 88 years old, a warrior with stamina!   Way to go, Percy!

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