Oct 052018
Victory: The Trans Mountain legal saga is over
October 5, 2018
Dear Sandra,

It’s official. The legal battle over the Trans Mountain project is over and won.

The federal government announced Wednesday that it will not appeal the Federal Court of Appeal ruling that quashed its approval of the Trans Mountain project. This means that the case will not proceed to a higher court.

Getting here has been a long and arduous process. Through it all, Ecojustice supporters, people like you, carried us from case launch to hearing, and from a decision to clinching victory.

It’s the end of a significant chapter, but there is still more to be done.

At the same time it announced it would not appeal the decision, the government also said it will launch a new Indigenous consultation process on the project. Last month, it announced it would also launch a new National Energy Board (NEB) hearing on the project’s marine shipping impacts.

The new NEB hearing is a direct result of our legal victory, a victory that you helped us achieve. However, we are extremely concerned that the 155-day timeline won’t allow for a meaningful assessment of the threats the project poses and how to mitigate them.

We remain committed to fighting to protect endangered killer whales from the impacts of the Trans Mountain project; we need help.


Devon Page, Executive Director

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