Oct 232018

In response to    2018-10-23   Vaccinations, Autism: Action Alert.

I phoned and then sent the following:

From: Sandra Finley
Sent: October 23, 2018 12:46 PM
To: opr.complaints   AT   usdoj.gov
Subject: Investigation of fraud, obstruction of justice, DOJ & HHS


TO:   Corey Amundson, Director

Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR)

Dept of Justice,  USA

opr.complaints@usdoj.gov;  202-514-3365



Dear Corey Amundson,


Please do whatever is within your power to insist that there be an

Investigation of fraud and obstruction of justice,  at the DOJ & HHS.

You will know the details – – Vincent Matanoski,  Lynn Ricciardella  in particular.


For a long time I have followed developments related to autism and vaccinations.

My daughter has disabilities;  we have friends whose children have autism.

There are too many parents whose child was progressing normally, then following a vaccination, experienced fever and subsequent regression into autism. I believe my friends.  I know their children, their families.


I have looked into the ingredients that are in vaccines.


I simply do not believe that there is no link between vaccinations and autism.   The evidence is overwhelmingly to the contrary.   The evidence of corruption is also overwhelming and long standing.


The consequences for that injured human being, for their family, for the healthcare system, for our educational systems, for financial survival, is lifelong and  beyond measure.


I read the September 20, 2018   Request for Office of Inspector General to Investigate Fraud and Obstruction of Justice   by Robert F Kennedy Jr and Rolf Hazelhurst.


The documentation is robust.  It is consistent with what I have learned through the years.   There is more, of course, to the lies and deceptions but an investigation within the parameters set out in the Request has the potential to start a reversal of the relentlessly upward trend in the numbers of children and families being devastated by autism.


I will be most appreciative of your efforts on behalf of the goodness that is in all our children,




Sandra Finley

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

  3 Responses to “2018-10-23 My letter in support of an Investigation into fraud and obstruction of justice, Link between Vaccinations and Autism.”

  1. Despite your strong personal conviction, no scientific link has been established between vaccinations and autism. I know of one academic paper which suggested such a link. The paper was withdrawn by the publisher after it went public. The problem: too many errors in the paper. Scientists themselves were the ones who pointed out the problems in the study.
    There are, I think, lots of people who see things and draw a cause-and-effect link. But until that observation has been put through rigorous scientific study it remains simply an observation, having dubious scientific validity.
    In the meantime, doctors have seen a sharp increase in avoidable diseases among children who were not inoculated because of unreasonable fears by their parents or caregivers.

  2. at last

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