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2018-10-21    US Navy Ship (US Southern Command) Lands On Ecuador’s Shore to Give Free Medical Care

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As I understand, with help from Wikipedia, and other sources:

Ecuador:  the government of Rafael Correa, elected in 2006,  proposed a new Magna Carta for the country with the goal of stability and social development.  A new constitution was approved,  the work of a constitutional assembly, ratified through a referendum, by the registered voters of Ecuador in September 2008 with a 63.93% to 28.10% margin of victory.

Lenin Moreno had been Vice-President under Correa and succeeded Correa as President.  It was thought that Moreno would largely continue the policies and programs of the Government as it was under President Correa;  Moreno was seen to have been a supporter of Correa.   My personal view is that the Economic Hit Men of the U.S. got to Moreno.   See items # 2 and #3 below.




  3.   CORREA WILL PAY, JUST AS ASSANGE AND SNOWDEN ARE PAYING,  if the American Empire has its way.
  4.   DISPLAY OF POWER BY THE U.S., TO ECUADOR  (US Southern Command Lands . . .)


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An intergovernmental regional organization. . . .   dream of creating a South American version of the European Union.   Work on UNASUR began in 2004;  it didn’t come into full force until 2011,  wikipedia – UNASUR.

The headquarters in Quito, Ecuador was built under former President Rafael Correa of Ecuador, an enthusiastic backer of the organization.

Current – – Nov 6, 2018

Many backers initially hoped to create a regional parliament, a common currency and a common defense structure. While those goals soon fell away, it did serve as a structure to resolve several regional disputes and to promote development projects.

The late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was a major backer of the organization, seeing it as a counterweight to U.S. influence . . .

But enthusiasm for the group seems to have chilled, particularly under more moderate or conservative successor governments in several key nations.   Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru suspended their memberships in April, 2018.

INSERT, Sandra:   Three postings suggest “the chill” originates in North America, not in South America:

2016-03-22 There are two sides to the story. Why do we hear only one? (Terrorists & Context: CIA – examples Mossadegh, Lumumba, Arbenz, Guevera, Allende)

Ch. 34, New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins, 2016.   (some quotes from Ch 34)

Ch. 38, Your Friendly Banker as EHM. The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (EHM), John Perkins, 2016.  (some quotes from Ch 38)

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Correa has had the nerve to stand up, in more than one way.

  • His role in UNASUR
  • Providing refuge for Julian Assange

2010-12-14   Why I’m posting bail money for Julian Assange, Michael Moore, and other updates on Assange case

2012-06-20   Why Julian Assange’s Ecuador Move is Brilliant, AlterNet, By Ray McGovern

2012-08-26   The Organization of American States (OAS) supports Ecuador’s position on Assange

2012-12-27    Julian Assange: UPDATE plus, his address to crowds in London

2017-06-24  Ecuador’s Correa Calls Assange Case an Historic Injustice

  • Doing what “developed countries” would do,  if it wasn’t the U.S. – – taking a principled stand re Edward Snowden

2013-06-28   Ecuador suspends preferential trade with US over Snowden affair

  • All the ways in which Correa changed things to benefit Ecuadoreans

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3.  CORREA WILL PAY, JUST AS ASSANGE AND SNOWDEN ARE PAYING,  if the American Empire has its way.

Correa rebuffed the U.S. Economic Hit Men (EHM’s).

(Background:  Jaime Roldós was President of Ecuador from August, 1979 until his death in May, 1981. In his short tenure, he became known for his firm stance on human rights.   Chapter 24 (4.5 pages) in Confessions of an EHM, “Ecuador’s President Battles Big Oil“,  tells of Roldos’ work for his countrymen.  Unfortunately,  that work was antagonistic to American corporate interests.

P. xi  Confessions:  “…   Jaime Roldós of Ecuador and Omar Torrijos of Panama.  Both had just died in fiery crashes.  Their deaths were not accidental.  They were assassinated because they opposed that fraternity of corporate, government, and banking heads whose goal is global empire.  We EHMs failed to bring Roldós and Torrijos around, and the other type of hit men, the CIA-sanctioned jackals who were always right behind us, stepped in.”

  Roldos was a role-model and inspiration for Correa.)

From Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, by John Perkins (more below):

Now, here was Correa, a candidate who openly invoked the memory of Jaime Roldos. . . . Correa said that he has been approached by EHMs (Economic Hit Men) and was very aware of the threat posed by jackals. . . .  

Correa’s terms as President ended (constitutional limit).

Correa’s Vice-President, Lenin Moreno, became President.

As mentioned above, in my view it is likely that American EHM put the finger on Moreno.  Or bought his soul.

SEQUENCE  – – July 3, 2018:   The current regime (Moreno) tried to have Correa arrested.

2018-07-03  Ecuador judge orders ex-president Correa be jailed, Reuters

. . .  “Judge Daniella Camacho receives the prosecutor’s request and orders preventive prison for ex-president Rafael C. for his alleged participation in the crime of illicit association and kidnapping,” the Ecuadorean prosecutor’s office said on Twitter.

“A request will be submitted to Interpol for his capture, with the aim of extraditing him.”

Correa co-operated fully with the justice system, but through and from Belgium where he is in self-exile with his family.  He had seen the writing on the wall, and fled Ecuador before he could be arrested.

Reports are through Correa’s lawyer:   Interpol Rejected Ecuador’s ‘Red Alert’ Request Against Rafael Correa Over Lack of Evidence

(Note to self:  There is more information in  Ecuador judge orders ex-president Correa be jailed – – integrate it into this posting.)

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SEQUENCE – – TWO DAYS AFTER ORDERS FOR THE ARREST OF CORREA, the UNASUR headquarters in Quito was on the chopping block.

 2018-07-05 Ecuador’s President Moreno: ‘Unasur Must Surrender Quito HQ’

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SEQUENCE – – and then, the Moreno Government caved in on the US $9.5 billion ruling against Chevron-Texaco for all the damage they did in the Amazon.

2018-09-08 Ecuador: Correa Accuses Gov’t of US Pact After Chevron Ruling


What stirred controversy was the Ecuadorean government’s response to the court’s ruling (the Arbitration Court in the Hague, Netherlands).

Salvador (Ecuador’s Solicitor General) not only said the country will have to pay Chevron  without announcing any actions against the ruling but also announced  the state had the responsibility to nullify the US $9.5 billion ruling against Chevron and in favor of the affected communities, ratified earlier this year by the Constitutional Court, Ecuador highest court, which was suspended a week prior to the Chevron announcement.  . . .

Moreno’s education minister Fander Falconi said via Twitter: “Chevron’s grave harm against our people and ecosystem are obvious… We must condemn the ruling and those responsible, its contents threaten the right of the people of the Amazon.”

Moreno’s former minister of the environment Tarsicio Granizo said: “I think a campaign by the state against the ruling of The Hague is necessary to show the world the harm Chevron caused to the Amazon and its people.”

(CANADIANS  might think of   Alberta regulator estimates oilpatch’s financial liabilities are hundreds of billions . . .)     Do We, our Regulators, our Courts, and our Leaders have the nerve to collect payment from those responsible?   In solidarity.   Or do we agree to become impoverished?


Add to the list of South American leaders  who were done away with, by the Americans, to suit American corporate interests:

president of Ecuador, Roldos “died in a fiery airplane crash.” Omar Torrijos (president, Panama) later “dropped from the sky in a gigantic fireball”. Both men dead assassinated in 1981.  Roldos at the end of May, Torrijos less than three months later, with almost no reporting in the U.S.

Now, here was Correa, a candidate who openly invoked the memory of Jaime Roldos. . . . Correa said that he has been approached by EHMs (Economic Hit Men) and was very aware of the threat posed by jackals. . . .

In 1968, Texaco (became Chevron) had only just discovered petroleum in Ecuador’s Amazon.  . . .

It makes you sick what they did (documented in the APPENDED).   And now  Lenin Moreno’s government said the state is obliged to reverse a Constitutional Court ruling stating Chevron should pay for environmental damages.

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Take a look at the picture of the large “US Southern Command” ship with the Red Cross flag, deployed to Ecuador.

2018-10-21    US Navy Ship (US Southern Command) Lands On Ecuador’s Shore to Give Free Medical Care

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(Note to myself:  excerpt out the citizen resistance in Ecuador & put it here,  from the posting Ecuador judge orders ex-president Correa be jailed)

Internationally,  Correa is included in:

2018-09-01 An Online Vigil in Defense of Julian Assange With Daniel Ellsberg, Craig Murray, Bill Binney and Ray McGovern, Consortium News

 and there’s a recent action I’ll add to this.

 It is very important that people know the connected stories of Rafael Correa, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Daniel Ellsberg, and others who have put their personal lives on the line, in defence of democracy, justice and fairness.  The vigil for Assange is also for Snowden and Correa.  People like Ellsberg and McGovern, Chelsea Manning (whistle blowers who are not in jail or exile) are very active in the fight.

Awareness is insurance against the propaganda that the American Empire is so good at seeding and spreading.


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