Nov 072018

A Swedish teenager sets a ball rolling.  A youth in Sudbury catches it and throws it to us . . .    Great!   I’ve reserved  Friday, December 7 on my calendar.


With thanks to Dianne Rhodes:

Please save the date: Friday, December 7, 2018.  

During the international climate negotiations in Katowice, Poland, youth are asked to join Greta Thunberg and strike from school on Friday, December 7, 2018.


Following the hottest summer on record in Sweden since records began 262 years ago, Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg started cutting classes at school. Dismayed by lack of real action on the climate crisis, Greta said, “If grown-ups don’t give a <__> about my future, I won’t either.   

On Friday, November 2, 2018, a youth in Sudbury, Ontario was the first youth in the Western Hemisphere to join Greta’s #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike.  


The 1.5C report from the IPCC made it abundantly clear that #WeDontHaveTime to wait now.      


Climate Reality Canada, iMatter Canada, and Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada are hoping you will help us.   Together we can create the largest school strike for the climate on record.


Our agreed message for the youth is: “You are jeopardizing our future.”


For now please mark your calendars: Friday, December 7, 2018, for the  #FridaysForFuture  #ClimateStrike

Keep calm and price carbon. Thanks.

Truly, Cathy

“If you want to be incrementally better, be competitive – If you want to be exponentially better, be cooperative.” – Unknown

Cathy Orlando, MSc BEd
Citizens’ Climate Lobby
International Outreach Manager and Canadian DirectorCell Phone/ WhatsApp:  1 (705)  929-4043Email:
“The real problem of leadership is a failure of nerve. Leaders fail not because they lack information, skill, or technique, but because they lack the nerve and presence to stand firm in the midst of other people’s emotional anxiety and reactivity. “


At Citizens’ Climate Lobby we believe that people are good, and that democracy works. We are confident that our approach will work because we see progress. We stand for a solution, not in protest of other solutions. We don’t expect perfection from ourselves or others; this is a process and we know that people can improve. Together, we are a community that offers one another comfort, support, and fun as we work.




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