Nov 082018
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What does Design Anarchy mean to you?

This past Monday, bright and early, Adbusters infiltrated the viscera of Vancouver’s prestigious design school, plastering the stark, white walls with barefaced call-outs and subversive messages pointed directly at the designers who hold the possibilities of the world’s future in their hands.

Armed with glossy color posters, black & white print-outs, huge hand-painted banners, and a lot of masking tape, our team used the very fundamentals of design to incite the questions that need to be asked of it. By lunchtime, as classes filtered toward the cafeteria, an unexpected design exhibition replaced the empty hall of Emily Carr University.

What is the role of the designer in a world shadowed by capitalism? What is design capable of? Can we break from the straight lines and consumptive boxes that detain our raw humanity? Can design be used to recreate the broken systems that rule the world?

In the spirit of the First Things First Manifesto, created by Ken Garland in 1964 and rekindled in 2000 by Adbusters, we instigated a search for the brazen spirit of artists and designers. We talked to students, professors, and prominent dissidents of design. We jammed the nucleus of its up-and-comers. Why? Because the world does not need another sports logo, another clothing brand, another fancy door handle for a motor car!

The world needs the vigor of the human spirit to redesign our consumer culture and reimagine a hopeful future.

The world needs design anarchy.

Watch for our First Things First documentary, to be released in January 2019. Plus, we’ll provide the images, posters, and provocations we used to jam Emily Carr, so you can repurpose them to create a bit of mayhem in your own schools.

Email us at if you have any questions, ideas, or feedback.


For the Wild,

Team Adbusters

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