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The list below was started in 2019 during the first round of the battle over the Merville taking of groundwater.  And then stopped when the Union of BC Municipalities took a Resolution to the Provincial Govt – no to the taking of the water.

Please use the “Comments” at the bottom to add locations / information to the list.

We do not have the capacity to distinguish between bottling of groundwater versus surface water.


. . .  see also NESTLE in the main INDEX.   (News reports, etc.)

. . .  see also under LAWS & REGULATIONS in the main INDEX,   under “Ontario”

Aberfoyle, ON   . . .  Nestle,  Canadian headquarters.

Locations named in the article   2016-09-30   A Look into Nestle’s Controversial Water Bottling Business in Canada, from Vice.com

  • Kawkawa Lake, District of Hope, BC   . . .  more details below, under B.C. Locations.
  • Hillsburgh, Ontario  . . .  see below, under Ontario
  • Wellington, Ontario   . . .  same


Fanny Bay  . . .   (we have info,  just haven’t got it posted yet)

Harrison Mills . . .   Fraser Valley Regional District,   Christopher’s Spring Water,  FVRD Board approved in Feb 2015

2015-02-04  Rezoning approved for Harrison Mills water bottling plant, Agassiz Harrison Observer, Fraser Valley Regional District



Data starts at 1938.  Last Date modified: 

Hope (Kawkawa Lake),  Nestle 

. . .  2016-09-19 & 2018-04-12 Chilliwack chapter (RE Hope, BC) wants
Nestle to “stop profiting from water; & Water campaigners hold action at Nestlé, the Hope Standard.

drought and forest fires intensified resistance to the taking of water.

TO DO: the URL tells how much water Nestle was taking, at no charge, for years.  Citizens had been protesting.  Government deaf.  Is there documentation to answer the question – – was it the intensification of resistance at Hope that brought about SOME change?     It appears to be very similar to what happened in Ontario.  With the exception that in Ontario a moratorium was implemented.  The moratorium has been extended to the end of 2019.

Merville, B.C., bottling  plant defeated . . .  see in main INDEX, at MERVILLE

Port Alberni . . .  (we have info.  Not yet posted.)

Rosewall Creek  . . .  see Fanny Bay

Strathcona Regional District (SRD)  . . .  passed the “Strathcona resolution” calling on the Province to stop the taking of water.  The Resolution was triggered by an attempt at Merville, outside the SRD.   Created confusion.  There isn’t a water bottling plant in Strathcona RD.    See in main INDEX, at STRATHCONA RESOLUTION.     

Union Bay . . . see Fanny Bay



TO DO:   go to Rob Case ( see Wellington, below) for more info.  Aberfoyle is Nestle headquarters.   I think there is a plant there.   Are Hillsburgh and Wellington two OTHER locations?

Aberfoyle . . .  Nestle

Elora . . .  Nestle  (water group, very good blog.  Under “Organizations”.   Add the link here.)

Hillsburgh, ON . . .  Nestle

Wellington, ON . . .  Nestle

December 2018.  joked with Rob Case of the Wellington Water Watchers:  your wins in Ontario  (extension of the Provincial moratorium) will shift all of the water bottling industry to BC.   We’re set to supply 100% of the water for export!

Rob was very interested in what we are doing.  No surprise, they didn’t know about the role of the Federal Govt in the promotion of water bottling for export.   Information sent.

2018-11-24 Six Nations and Wellington Water Watchers join forces at Nestle protest, Guelph Today


“We’re going to greet them with love anyway because our relatives that make bad decisions need to be welcomed into the community that is making the right ones,” said indigenous activist Eryn Wise of Seeding Sovereignty.

“As indigenous peoples, even though we know it’s not our jobs to be emotional support folks for everyone else, we end up doing it because we are caretakers, we are land defenders and we are people that are going to save this planet,” Wise said.

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