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From “Unsolved Mysteries”, a sub-group on Reddit:

Where did Arjen Kamphuis go?

Arjen Kamphuis is (was?) a dutch cyber-security expert who visited Bodø in Norway, where he was last seen August 20th this year. He told friends he was going to travel south to Trondheim and travel back to Amsterdam the 22nd of August. He has not been seen since. The police found his ID papers and some of his belongings in the sea outside Bodø a few days after. Two weeks after his disappearance the Police got a hit from his cellphone, which had both been shut off since his disappearance. They were active for a few minutes with new German SIM-cards inserted before they were again shut off. This was in the south-west in Norway, outside a small place called Vikeså. And that was the last trace of Arjen. This situation is so very strange and I wondered if any of the contributors of this sub knew more?

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS, as at Feb 23, 2019 :


2 months ago

It is strange that a cyber-security expert would turn his phones on and be discovered, if he wanted to disappear. A witness has reported he saw Arjen with two other people in Vikeså, one small who only spoke German, and one as large as Arjen who spoke both languages, as Arjen also did.


2 months ago

The place his phone was turned on is kind of along a road he would travel if he was hitchhiking South out of Norway towards Denmark/Sweden.


(He had a plane ticket booked out of Trondheim city further North, but he never turned up to that flight.)


Someone turned on his phone with a Dutch SIM card and a few minutes later switched to a German SIM card.


Both cards had been bought in his name, and whoever turned on the phone knew the codes to unlock phone and cards.


He turned on his phone here:


Vikeså 4389 Vikeså       https://goo.gl/maps/QQDKfo3rqTE2

There is a ferry to Denmark out of the city Kristiansand a litle South-East. That’s a normal route to continental Europe.


2 months ago


I drive from Stavanger to Kristiansand several times a year, and I do not think I have seen anyone hitchhiking this road. It is not very common in Norway anymore. And his face was in all the news and newspapers, so if someone picked him up, I think they would have gone to the police with the information. Or maybe he hitchhiked with a foreigner, who would not be subjected to Norwegian media, as the annual oil conference was held in Stavanger with lots of foreigners.


2 months ago


He had lost his ID papers, and he would need them to fly. However, I’m sure the Dutch embassy could work out something for him. And there would be low-cost airline tickets to the continent all the time.


Hitchhiking would not be first choice.


2 months ago


His ID papers were found around here:    Fauske/Rognan    https://goo.gl/maps/Wen1GAQXmz82


2 months ago


either NSA wanted him to disappear or he vanished himself

  One Response to “2019-02-23 Any news re Where did Arjen Kamphuis go?”

  1. Julian Assange was arrested on April 11, 2019.

    On April 12th a Comment was left here, saying that Arjen Kamphuis knew that Julian Assange was going to be arrested. He vanished himself.

    As I sometimes do, I sent an email to the person who left the Comment. A “returned email” message said that the user was unknown, mailbox unavailable. I cannot share the original message because I moved it into “spam”, without thought. By April 15th (today) it’s gone.

    I assume that the email address was in use for a limited time.

    I checked the Reddit “Unsolved Mystery” copied above to see if there was a similar message. There is nothing new there.

    I leave it to you.


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