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Subject: Re: the SNC Lavalin debacle

Dear crew of “The House”,

My experience of events is this:

  • The ASSERTION of a statement does not make it so.
  • That the assertion goes unchallenged does not make it so.
  • The assertion that Deferred Prosecution Agreements are legal and legitimate does not make it so.   Just because other people use them,  does not speak to their legitimacy.   It speaks to the fact that the Governments of the U.S., the U.K. and Canada enact legislation that serves large corporations.   If it was otherwise,  the legislation for DPA’s would have been openly debated and even celebrated.  It would not have been hidden in the depths of an omnibus bill.


I interpreted the SNC Lavalin events through this set of beliefs:

  • Citizens forget.  The forgetfulness is inter-generational.  White society does a poor job of transferring knowledge down through generations.  George Orwell spelled out the consequences of our forgetfulness.
  • We might be good at reading.  And oh! we can do “analysis” like nobody else.
  • Cheerleaders?  Absolutely.  We clap our hands enthusiastically.
  • BUT we are lousy integrators.  Mountains of knowledge – – – of no use because it doesn’t get  integrated – –  it does not INFORM our actions.


The consequence?

Rabid all-consuming concentration on the wrong questions.


There is an unease you might be missing because you, like me, live in our own networks.

From your networks, I don’t hear:

  • WHAT are the benefits to the corporations of DPA’s?   And are they really “deferred”?  (No – – the prosecution is not “deferred”.  That is Orwellian new speak.   Our Justice system relies on “public disclosure” to help dissuade others from committing the same crimes.  Trials are open to the public.  A DPA hides the corporation and its activities from scrutiny.  The not-prosecution is done behind closed doors where the light doesn’t shine.)


  • WHY does SNC Lavalin have such a long and abominable record of corruption?


  • WHY in the public discourse,  can SNC corruption only be whispered and hinted at?  God forbid it be said assertively:  SNC Lavalin is a TRULY BAD APPLE.   SNC is THE REASON  Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau are in serious trouble.  SNC is a major player in the drama but its role has been written out of the script.


  • WHY can it not be asked:  what are the EFFECTS of corruption on the country of Canada?


  • WHAT Has been done historically to address corruption?   This is not a new phenomenon.  If DPA’s continue to go unchallenged, you can bet your booties that there will be more “SNC Lavalin affairs”.


  • WHY is there no connection made to parallel cases?   Daniel Turp is waiting to hear whether the Supreme Court will hear an appeal of lower court decisions on a challenge to the $15 Billion dollar Saudi arms deal.  Canadians don’t hear that the beneficiaries of that deal is the General Dynamics plant in London, ON.   Both the Liberals and the Conservatives will stoop.  It does not matter which party we elect, it will not be the public interest that is represented.  The spin doctors will go to work:  decisions will be made in the interests of General Dynamics.   The hard questions will not be aired.  The same as is happening today with SNC.  Fluff – – focus on those being jerked about by the puppet masters.


  • Another parallel case:  why do Canadians not know that we are to pay $105 Billion for warships, $60 Billion of which will go to Super-Sized Corruption Specialist Lockheed Martin Corporation?  How about if someone follows the money on that one?   SNC, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, . . .  the list goes on.   And yet,


  • And yet . . .  I heard one of your guests make the statement  “THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE SYSTEM.”   The statement went unchallenged.     . . . huh?   WHY? Seems pretty damn obvious to me there’s lots wrong with the system.


  • Pushing it under the rug only ensures the status quo mockery of democracy.


In the contrite words of the apologist,  I think we can do better.


Best wishes,

Sandra Finley

  2 Responses to “2019-03-09 The SNC Lavalin debacle: Why is it not asked . . .? Email to the CBC.”

  1. Second time trying to reply. Well done many good points and yes the corruption is rampant. Will try to send you something which will stir your patriotic heart….or not.

    • Thanks Sheri.
      re 2nd time trying – – I, too, have been experiencing problems with blog. Thanks for letting me know.

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