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2019-03-14 For your selection, March 23. B.C. Supreme Court Judge says Water is a commodity.


UPDATES re possible APPEAL of the Judge’s decision are at:

2019-03-14   B.C. Supreme Court Judge says: Water is a commercial commodity



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2019-04-04 Amazing! a milestone for nature protection and a fine hour for citizen law-making! Bavaria acts on “Save the Bees”. The Guardian



The warriors in North America are magnificent.   We will get there!

2019-03-27   Second case: another man awarded $80M in lawsuit claiming Monsanto’s Roundup causes cancer, USA Today

Bayer (who now owns Monsanto) is going to appeal both the cancer:roundup cases.

The people who courageously took the cancer cases this far in the Courts are far from the end.   The amount of money that has to be raised to fight the next rounds in the appeal courts will run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, for an unknown outcome.  While Bayer earns billions of dollars every year.  Outcomes dependent on drawing a judge who isn’t heavily invested in the status quo.   Not different from the community that is fighting to keep the cost of water within their financial means.   They can’t afford to appeal a court decision, even if there are solid grounds to do so.  The Corporation wins;  the bees, songbirds, and other life forms, including us, lose.  . . .  except that the achievement in Bavaria spurs everyone on.

Another court win is supplemented on this side of the Atlantic by:

2018- GMO’s. “Modified”, the film.


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2019-03-28 Newsweek failed to disclose chemical industry connections of opinion writers who argued that glyphosate can’t be regulated. Connected to lawsuit at U of Saskatchewan over U’s refusal to do disclosure re Bayer (Monsanto).        (Disclosure of what the chemical industry is doing in Universities and in the Media, would be unknown were it not for dedicated citizens.)


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Here’s for all of us:

The status quo is dependent on UNWARRANTED DEFERENCE.  This article makes it easy to demonstrate.   You know it, but you can know things better when they’re seen in different scenarios.

2019-03-25 Fixing Cabinet Government is Something All Progressives Should Support in 2019 (Well maybe we could go a bit deeper?   Unwarranted deference.)


I use the example of the extinction of insects in the above posting.  (The author of the article talks about deference.)

Who in their right mind, would behave deferentially to the educators, regulators, and legislators who have played a role and continue, in the extinction of insects?

unwarranted deference is necessary to maintain the power of the would-be powers; we need to bow down before pomp and circumstance    – – lavish garments in the old days (“but the emperor has no clothes”); the Indian sub-continent and other colonized nations that bowed to the pomp  dressed in red and gold, marching in dramatic formation;  think of the Vatican and its extravagant displays; the same idea behind “dress to impress” today, all topped with “communications consultants” to sell superiority – – unwarranted deference.  A substitute for respect, which isn’t so easy to manufacture.

It is at base the same game whether it’s to maintain the power of the clergy or the colonizer, to keep women “in their place”, or to maintain deference for educators, regulators and legislators.

In the latter case it is with disastrous consequences for bees, songbirds, . . . the extinction of insects 20 or 30 years in the offing.   WE are the ones responsible for the Unwarranted Deference that keeps the Emperors in place.  The price tag on that deference is far too high.

We will have respect for the university presidents, deputy ministers, federal and provincial legislators who lead (or even FOLLOW) us to stop the poisoning.   I’d sooner bet on that, than a miracle, for averting the impending extinctions of insects.  As the bee in the cartoon says,  “If I go, you’re coming with me”.    And now a big cheer!  Yeeeay!  Bavaria!

I am calling on us to stop bowing before embarrassingly-naked emperors.   I could equally use (as opposed to the extinction of bees, insects and songbirds) the disease and other outcomes of the poisons in human beings.

IN ADDITION,  we can and should do what was done in Bavaria:  citizen-lawmaking.

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2019-04-03 fighting the same battle in different arenas     (SNC Lavalin, Bayer-Monsanto, Lockheed Martin, . . .)


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There are well over 2,000 postings on my blog.   The traffic to this one from 2010 has never stopped.  It has always been, and remains in the top few postings.  The counter keeps rolling upward.  I re-read it to try and understand why.   I think it must be the weaving together of what happens . . . it brings two “silos” of information into one.

2010-12-06 Accumulated, on mercury poisoning. Vaccinations & dental amalgams. Did the European countries that banned dental amalgams made with mercury bow to uninformed public pressure or to sound science?


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2019-03-24 Whether Impeached or Voted Out or Stays Put, Ocasio-Cortez Says Trump ‘Symptom of Much Deeper Problems’, Common Dreams


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2019-03-17 Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees Described Video. Very good. For free, on-line.


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