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I put myself into a sleepless nite with the following.   High levels of corruption do not bode well for Canadians.

Your fault,  sending the Mt Polley, B.C. reminder my way!

I had not known that

Murray Edwards, principal of CNRL (Canadian Natural Resources Ltd (tarsands)

 is also the principal shareholder of

Imperial Metals,  owner of the Mt Polley Mine disaster.   A billionaire.

Significant contributor to the Christy Clark Liberals.

The U of S College of Commerce I attended is today the Edwards School of Business.

Same guy.

Edwards may be worth a billion plus on the asset side.  Take a look at the other side of the ledger.

2018-11-01  Alberta regulator privately estimates oilpatch’s financial liabilities are hundreds of billions more than what it told the public, National Observer

2017-10 Book, Oil’s Deep State, How the petroleum industry undermines democracy and stops action on global warming – in Alberta, and in Ottawa, by Kevin Taft

In 2016 Murray Edwards tripped off to London, UK because he isn’t going to pay all those taxes in Canada!

Real fine guy to have as a role model for students of commerce.   And there’s more to it than that.

The “mapping” below is limited to the U of Saskatchewan.   Nothing about the U of Alberta that probably also has a “Murray Edwards” imprint and perhaps a “McCreath” presence.    Nor did I look into possible CNRL + Edwards at the PTRC (Petroleum Technology Research Centre at the U of Regina).   No sense getting TOO buried in the mire!

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Sent: April 27, 2019
Subject: RE: New U of S Chancellor Grit McCreath

In case you want to go further down the rabbit hole:

Please alert me to any inaccuracies:

So we have:

  • GRIT McCreath, new Chancellor;  former member of Board of Governors; and member of Senate before that.
  • Grit’s husband, Scott McCreath, is the “Executive in Residence”  at the Edwards School of Business, U of Saskatchewan.

  • Murray Edwards,  Edwards School of Business benefactor,  is likely a friend of the McCreaths.   They are all originally from Sask, of the same era, and graduates of Sask educational institutions.  They are long term residents of Calgary.

Continuing with Scott McCreath:

(INSERT:  I wonder what “and is involved with Waskesiu” means?  Anything to do with The U of S (I don’t know current status) Art School at Emma Lake – – prime real estate that during “cuts” the University closed down?)


Scott McCreath and his BMO Nesbitt Burns group manage $1.2 billion of private client wealth.  He was Senior Vice President of Canadian Commercial Bank, and was Chairman of the Alberta Stock Exchange. He is a 17-time recipient of the Deane Nesbitt/Charles Burns Award, and in 2011 received the Brendan Wood TopGun designation as one of the world’s best financial services professionals.  He is active in community philanthropy, sits on the Dean’s Advisory Council (U of S, Edwards School of Business), and is involved with Waskesiu.  He is an alumnus of our College of Commerce (now the Edwards School . ..)

Scott has a great history of giving generously of his time and contacts to the University of Saskatchewan, and his wife Grit (an alumnus of the College of Education) is a member of the University’s Board of Governors. Scott has been a fantastic supporter of the Dembroski Student-Managed Portfolio, and sits on its governance committee. 

Scott will be able to speak with great insight on the behavior of markets and of investors, the institutions of finance and public policy, and the keys to successful management of other people’s assets.  He is deeply committed to the success of the Edwards School of Business and wants his participation with us to add value to the School and enrich the lives of students.  

(The students work the markets with REAL money: )

A picture of Grit and Scott:


A few notes re Murray Edwards,  oil tycoon billionaire benefactor of the School of Business.  (He moved to London (tax advantages) but retains his Canadian citizenship.  He is Mr. Canadian Natural Resources.  Tar sands, oil pipelines AND Imperial Metals.  Well-known and abhorred in BC because of Mt Polley – – more on that below.  I don’t know how well-known is his funding (is that the right word?) of the Christy Clark Liberals.

RE  Scott McCreath and “his BMO Nesbitt Burns group”,  and son James:


  • No longer is it illegal for Canadian Banks to also offer investment and other services to their clients.
  • BMO Wealth Management  is BMO Nesbitt Burns.  (BMO took over once-independent investment company Nesbitt Burns. )
  • under the Bank of Montreal logo,  on the BMO Nesbitt Burns webpage,  under James McCreath is The McCreath Group. Father and son are both part of that.

Imperial Metal’s Mt Polley mine disaster in BC (2014) is an on-going, large, unresolved tragedy.  A wall of the large tailings pond broke, emptying into a creek that flows into Quesnel Lake.

The controlling shareholder of Imperial Metals is billionaire N. Murray Edwards. He donated half a million dollars in campaign contributions to the B.C. Liberal party since 2005 and helped organize a $1-million fundraiser for B.C. Premier Christy Clark’s re-election.[23]

Further re the McCreaths’ son, Andy (married to Grant Devine’s daughter)

(Grant Devine former Conservative premier of Sask.  Most corrupt administration in the history of the Province.  People went to jail.  Devine who was appointed to the U of S  Bof G by Brad Wall before he stepped down as Premier.  Wall had worked for cabinet ministers in the Devine Government.).

tinePublic Inc.  is Andy McCreath I have not looked at it recently;  it may be of the corporate  “integration” of the U.S. and Canada.  When I was looking into WHO were the rich guys in Canada that were raising millions upon millions for the Clinton Foundation:

EXCERPT from  2016-11-07 How Bill and Hillary raised and earned millions from Canada’s corporate elite, G&M

. . .   the fund-raising done by the Clinton’s in Canada.

At the bottom of the article:  the speeches they gave, who sponsored the speeches, and at what price.

tinePublic Inc., Andy McCreath, the very bottom URL.  Not that there is necessarily anything sinister  – –  it sounds like the McCreath kid is a hustler.  (His mother, Grit, is on the Board of Governors, U of S.)

A quick approximate count – – 9 of the Clinton speeches in Canada are courtesy of tinePublic or McCreath Communications  ( e.g.  Hillary, in Saskatoon, Jan. 21, 2015, fee $202,500)

Also  (the bottom of the article.)

The Power Within Inc.   hosted the lion’s share of the Clinton events – – I think about 24.   And consistently paid more than anyone else by a long shot,  to Bill Clinton:  US$525,000  in June 2008 being the most.   $350,000 another time, $300,000

According to the article, “… The Power Within is sponsored” by the TD Bank.

TD deputy chairman, mentioned in the article,  is Frank McKenna, (former Premier of N.B. – for 10 years)  who was Canada’s ambassador to Washington (but only for a year) when George W. Bush was president 

I wonder from where The Power gets its money.  And how Frank McKenna came by his.   He came from humble beginnings.

I dumped material into the posting “The Petro-State“.

There ‘s a video that points out the vulnerability of some Canadian banks – – they are HUGELY “invested”  (through loans) to the Oil and Gas sector in Alberta.  TD  has the largest exposure.  BMO is alongside.  (Murray Edwards (CNRL), Scott McCreath (BMO)?

2018-06-07 The Petro-State. Provincial Auditor Saskatchewan: abandoned oil & gas wells, $4 billion (Alberta $238 billion.) Revolving door: former premier Brad Wall now at Osler Law Firm (help for Kinder Morgan). Before that, Dwayne Lingenfelter (NDP Deputy Premier of Sask,) to Nexen.


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