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Chris writes:

I’d dearly love to hear your take on the 2019, just out, Census ‘Test’.  Again, another mandatory (or is it?) survey… or rather ‘test’ (?) A precursor to the yet to come 2021 all citizen Census. An attempt to see just how far they can push the types of questions they ask. This time they take aim at our gender, our sex, our religious beliefs, our mental state and yes, just for fun… our need for repairs required to our homes (You’ll have to ask them). All of which, in my simple mind combined or in part, amount to a lot of NONE OF THEIR DAMN BUSINESS!! I absolutely fail to see how any of that information can be useful in any capacity to accomplish that which they state in their opening paragraph on the Census Test itself. If you thought the 2016 Census was a hit to our freedoms under the charter then you have got to see this one. Absolute, pure, unadulterated voyeurism.

Sandra speaking:

NOTE 1:  you may have missed this posting.  It contains the link to the Globe&Mail article about StatsCan’s plan to demand the banking records of 500,000 Canadians.  As far as I know, outrage dissuaded them!

2018-11-16   the BLIND SPOT in Privacy Commissioner’s investigation of StatsCan (getting our personal data (like bank records) from the private sector)


NOTE 2:   The Census ‘Test’,  Chris’ question.   It’s new to me – – thanks to Chris for drawing it to attention, and providing the information:

Hi Sandra,  I’ve included a couple of links to view.

Besides the questions on this ‘test’ being what I consider irrelevant to any government function they are highly personal and can not legally be asked by anyone else (e.g. employers, etc…)  such as what sex I was at birth, my gender now, my religion, how much I think my home is worth if I sold today and what sort of repairs it currently needs, how many sick days I took off of work during a specified period and if I was paid for that time, my parents birth places (what if I don’t know???).

I’m horrified.  I really don’t want to answer anything on this ‘test’.  According to the second link provided below, they are calling this a survey.  Surveys, as I understand it, are not MANDATORY.  Yet I’m being told both by them by phone and on the first link provided – that this IS indeed a mandatory ‘test’.

I also call into question their selection process for the 250,000 homes they targeted (excellent choice of wording here because that’s exactly how I feel) as I ALWAYS get any so called random sampling test, survey, etc… that they come up with.  Add to this that I always get any long form (1 of 4 homes) as well.  I have not done anything with this test yet.  Not sure what I will do at the moment.

Thanks for giving me a place to go where someone is actually listening to my concerns,  Chris


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A quick look at “the test” – – does it say that “the test” is not mandatory,  but it IS mandatory if you receive the “invitation” to supply the requested information?  I invite interpretation by others.

The second URL contains a link to the Statistics Act.   Section 7, copied below.  Look at the bold, highlighted “Marginal note:”.  Looks like the Chief Statistician became God.  I wonder how God liked it when even the Banks said “no” to the demand for the banking records of 500,000 people?

Chris – – in spite of the “Marginal note”, you still have a Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information.   A bureaucrat does not have the power to take that away.   Constitutional Law requires that the Government apply to the Courts,  present arguments to satisfy the criteria set out in the Oakes Test, and get a Court Ruling that says  “We agree, StatsCan needs to have an over-ride of the Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information.  If you don’t answer the questions, you will be prosecuted.”  StatsCan cannot take away the Charter Right of citizens, without a Court Ruling.

I have some thoughts on what should be done, but I need to make inquiries first.

The Statistics Act, Section 7:

Rules, instructions and requests for information

  •  (1) The Chief Statistician may prescribe the rules, instructions and, subject to subsection 21(1), requests for information that he or she considers necessary for conducting the work and business of Statistics Canada, the collecting, compiling and publishing of statistics and other information and the taking of any census authorized by this Act.

  • Marginal note:Clarification

    (2) For greater certainty, any rule, instruction or request for information prescribed under subsection (1) is not a regulation for the purposes of the Statutory Instruments Act.

  • R.S., 1985, c. S-19, s. 7;
  • 2017, c. 31, s. 5.

Marginal note:  Mandatory or voluntary requests for information

  •  (1) The Chief Statistician (God) shall determine whether a request for information is mandatory or voluntary, with the exception of the census of population and census of agriculture, both of which are mandatory.

The following integrates a larger picture that I think is important to see.   Follow one high-level bureaucrat, Anil Arora.   He moves from one Government Agency or Department to another – – implementing an agenda.  The agenda is international and corporate.   Arora is one of the quislings.

– – – – – –

You reminded me,  good grief!   . . . the “next Census” already peeps over the horizon.   It will be the FOURTH one since the beginning of our efforts.  I doubt that any one of us foresaw the longterm need for attention.   At the beginning we understood very little of what we know now.   We tackled the Government because it was not hard to understand, intuitively, that StatsCan was intent on taking us down a very dark road (discussed elsewhere on this blog).

Also unforeseen, the greatest amount of work has arisen from what StatsCan does IN BETWEEN censuses, the surveys.

Two important contribution we’ve been able to deliver to Canadians:

  1. solid documentation of the lies told by StatsCan.
  2. The vulnerability of our Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information.   Citizens are the only ones who will fight to defend it.  It is not in the interests of (Lockheed Martin Corp) the military-industrial-government-surveillance economy, for Canadians to have the Charter Right to Privacy.


The second point (Charter Right) is addressed comprehensively in other postings.

I’ll elaborate on the first point, documentation of the lies and half-truths, and where that takes us.

  1. It probably begins with   (2010-01-17):   My trial is not selective prosecution – – ? Is the Government applying the law equally? StatsCan witness, Anil Arora, under oath says those who didn’t comply were referred for prosecution; 64 people in all of Canada were charged. – –  Whereas thousands did not comply.

2.  Important parts of the Credibility Gap” (StatsCan’s record on truthfulness) is summarized near the end of, “Does Lockheed Martin have a role in the 2016 Census?”.

The Nazis were masters of using lies to reassure people.  And they were masters of the Census as a tool of the terrorist state, ultimately for the extermination of millions of people.    I am reminded – – “By Chance Alone,  A Remarkable True Story of Courage and Survival at Auschwitz  by Canadian Max Eisen, 2016.

Max was a 15-year old at Auschwitz.  His description makes real the use of the lies,  the role they play in the persuasion that reduces your wariness during the period when the subjugation is beginning.  During that time, the tyranny cannot risk a rebellion – – there are too many of you, they can be overthrown.  The lies disarm rebellion, long enough for the tyrants to reduce people to the point where their power to resist is obliterated.

As mentioned, Anil Arora was the StatsCan witness at my trial.   And I had a 45-minute telephone conversation with him at the time of the 2006 census-taking.   He had phoned to persuade me to fill in my census form.   I found his responses to my serious concerns lacking in substance.   He was a facile parrot for StatsCan and Lockheed Martin Corp, unable to hear or process what I was saying.  (I still have the recording of that conversation.)

The following may seem off-topic.   To me,  it is important to see Arora in the larger context, to understand better the operation of our Government.

Arora came from Health Canada to StatsCan where he performed under a couple of titles, including at one time “Director General” of StatsCan.  I first came across his name in Shiv Chopra’s “Health Canada, Rotten to the Core”.   Arora is a bureaucrat, not a long trained statistician with long experience, as former heads of StatsCan had been.   He disappeared from StatsCan for a time after my trial.   And reappeared again later at StatsCan.   He did a stint in Natural Resources Canada, and in Science and Policy Integration.   I wn’t comment on those assignments.

Arora is now back at Health Canada.   And I’m holding in my hand a brochure that calls on Canadians to fight back against what his sub-section of Health Canada is doing.  “These bureaucrats need to hear from you”.   The first one listed is Anil Arora.   According to NHPPA (Natural Health Products Protection Assoc),  Health Canada will move natural supplements to fall under the same regulations as chemical drugs, after the Federal Election in October.

I phoned NHPPA:  why is Anil Arora listed on the brochure? 

A well-informed woman referred me to their website and a specific document.  (I don’t have time at the moment to find the link.  Will put it here, later.)   In short,  the NHPPA has every reason to be challenging Health Canada on process, in my opinion.    (Just as StatsCan was challenged on their outrageous attempt to demand the banking data on 500,000 Canadians from the banks.)

Arora’s online Government bio is glowing.  The reason Arora is currently at Health Canada  – – –   leading a complex organization overseeing regulation of food, drug and health products for Canada – – –

might be explained by the last sentence from his “government/management” bio:   He also served as chair of the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities.

(I wonder why the bio is not on a Health Canada URL?  maybe they have all the government “management” people in one silo?):

Excerpt, minus the accolades:

In 2010, Mr. Arora joined Natural Resources Canada as Assistant Deputy Minister of the Minerals and Metals Sector, and in 2013 was appointed Assistant Deputy Minister of Science and Policy Integration. He moved to Health Canada in 2014, becoming Assistant Deputy Minister of Health Products and Food Branch and leading a complex organization overseeing regulation of food, drug and health products for Canada. He also served as chair of the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities.

RE:   He also served as chair of the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities  (source URLs are appended)

I think it’s pretty well understood that the American Regulatory Authorities of Medicines are run by Big Pharma.    My documented experience leads to the same conclusion regarding the situation in Canada.

Arora chaired this (from the website):

voluntary, executive-level entity of worldwide medicines regulatory authorities set up to provide strategic coordination, advocacy and leadership  . . .

Website designed by Swissmedic and maintained by the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency

The website design credits are the names of Government Regulatory Agencies in Switzerland and Japan, respectively.

I have no idea of their relationship with Big Pharma, whether they are bona fide regulators or not.  All I know is that Switzerland is where Cameco set up a storefront shop to avoid paying taxes in Canada.

My direct experience of  Health Canada is with the PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Agency).  I didn’t find it surprising to see “Rotten to the Core” in a book title.   I went to Ottawa years ago to meet with the then-head of the PMRA (Karen Dodds) and her second-in-command, Connie, because I wanted to hear answers to my questions about the regulation of ag chemicals (pesticides) from the horse’s mouth.   I was appalled by their responses and remain so.   The public interest in health was not to be found.  Health Canada’s PMRA is run by and for corporate interests.   It’s why Canada continues to stonewall in the face of overwhelming evidence of the great harm being done by ag-chemicals for example.   The forecasted extinctions of insects and songbirds does not phase them, let alone the disease levels in humans and animals.

I think the evidence is clear:  it is not only the American Medicine Regulatory Authorities that are run by Corporations,  the Canadian ones are, too.   Anil Arora was chair of the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities.

StatsCan?   Member of an international organization to harmonize census operations in various countries, under the steerage of Lockheed Martin Corp.   A revised Statistics Act gives the Chief Statistician the power to decide whether we will be prosecuted for personal information we fail to supply, if it is demanded.

International Trade Deals with “Chapter 13” secret Tribunals to decide how much we are going to pay to satisfy corporate complaints that Canadian laws prevented  them from making the money they claim they can make in Canada?

Seems pretty clear.  Our own Laws are subservient.  There are people in Government whose job it is to (Anil Arora at Health Canada) -manage a complex organization overseeing regulation of food, drug and health products for Canada.  

He was not working on behalf of citizens at StatsCan.  Charter Rights be damned.  Revise the Statistics Act to ensure power and control is in the hands of the Chief Statistician.  Under “the steerage” of Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Chair of the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities?  And what’s happening now under his management at Health Canada?  Dump what took years to accomplish in Canada.  In whose favour?  

Back to my experience:  you may imagine that I lent an ear and gratitude to Shiv Chopra,  one of three Health Canada whistle-blowers in the case of attempted bribery by Monsanto to get Bovine Growth Hormone registered in Canada.   I also happened to meet one of his fellow whistleblowers at a “Prevent Cancer NOW” workshop in Ottawa,  Michelle Brill-Edwards.   These are fine people who work in the public interest (Shiv is now deceased).

But Health Canada – – actually the corporations they serve – –  will not countenance those who dare to challenge and expose.  The attack campaigns against whistle-blowing scientists in Canada and in the U.S. has been worthy of a police state.  (Documented elsewhere on this blog.)

Elected Members-of-Parliament and Provincial Legislative Assemblies, working with the Canadian Senate are not “the Government”, in a number of cases.   As the documentation vis-à-vis StatsCan and the PMRA illustrates, lies and vague information are a large factor in the manipulation of the Canadian public.   Documentation regarding the petro-chemical industry shows the same reality.

Lies, half-truths, propaganda, vagueness, reassurances from the Government produce gullible people.  Easy prey.

Thank-you Chris, for connecting with us.  I hope “My Take” is a useful contribution to

decisions we need to make

about actions we will take.

Yes, some of us should focus on StatsCan.  By doing so, we are in solidarity with, and supporting the work being done by other Canadians vis-a-vis other manifestations of the same problem in the Government that is no longer our Government.

P.S.  I am having a good chuckle at StatsCan’s communications strategy for “the test” census.   You receive “an invitation” to participate.   I am reminded of the very funny phrase they came up with to describe the money they make from selling data – – it’s “respendable revenue”.   Hilarious!

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The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is a member of the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA). ICMRA is a voluntary, executive-level entity of worldwide medicines regulatory authorities set up to provide strategic coordination, advocacy and leadership.  Nov 20, 2014   

The International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA) is a voluntary, executive-level, strategic coordinating, advocacy and leadership entity of regulatory authorities that work together to  . . .  (etc.  down to)

Website designed by Swissmedic and maintained by the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency

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  1. Sandra, I have read and understood all of your responses. I agree there is a much larger picture here and much more at stake than my own personal struggle. I acknowledge that I am nothing more than a minute pixel somewhere in that picture and the smallness of that pixel has been brought soundly home by those responses. I’m an average citizen. No hard won education, no experience with the layers of the very large onion that is our government – which produces the same results with any attempt to peel away at it. And this, is how they will continue to manifest their agendas. One small pixel at a time.

    Lost down the proverbial rabbit hole.


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