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2019-04-16    For your selection, April 16. Jody Wilson-Raybould. Life in a different paradigm. Julian Assange.



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2019-05-07 Census Lockheed Martin StatsCan: reply to Chris’ “I’d dearly love to hear your take on the 2019, just out, Census ‘Test’.…”

Are we already back to the “next” Census?!  The 4th one since we started?!

Hang on tight to your Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information.   The Statistics Act is revised.  The Chief Statistician decides which of the personal information demanded is mandatory or voluntary.

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2019-04-28 How is it possible to talk about climate change in Canada, and not address corruption of our institutions, the petro-state, the deep state? Some corporate mapping. Billionaires, Tar sands, Mining, Banks and a University.

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There is an international rebellion in support of Assange.  His removal from the Ecuadorean Embassy to a London jail may have been a good thing.   People once again have access to him.   There are many too many reports to post.

It would be fantastic if Canada could get on the right side of this one, stop pandering to the U.S..

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United Nations Torture Official To Visit Julian Assange In Jail   (not re-posted on this log) 

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2019-05-01 Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson; brief video clip, good. Plus teleSUR coverage.

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Major civil liberties, media freedom, and human rights groups speak out against the arrest of Julian Assange  Nations Torture Official To Visit Julian Assange In Jail

“Common Ground”, Vancouver     (not re-posted on this blog)

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2019-04-16 Julian Assange Wins 2019 EU Journalism Award, teleSUR

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2019-04-27 Ecuador Embassy Staff Contradicts Allegations Against Assange, teleSUR

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Canadian Arnold August,  EXCERPT:

now that Julian Assange is in prison the analysis in this piece on “freedom of expression” is even more valid.  . . .

. . .    the catch-all American “freedom of expression” mantra as applied to political systems in countries other than the U.S.  This is nothing new, but there is a novel twist.

It is now applied to artistic endeavours (the artist is “expressing” and so has freedom of expression). The campaign targets the sector of the Cuban society dedicated to culture, hoping to win over who those who critically support the new statute in order to create division among individuals involved in culture.

2019-04-15 Politics of Culture in US: ‘The Invisible Hand of the Market’? by Canadian Arnold August, teleSUR


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I dunno.  Between Assange and Venezuela, it appears that all the world knows how the U.S. functions.  And they aren’t willing to stand by any longer.

Social media has helped unspin the propaganda, as fast as the U.S. military manufactured it.   It’s looking as though Maduro may have managed to hold onto power.   The U.S. and its allies, including Canada, may be  thwarted from installing a usurper puppet, Guaido, as President.   Which would quite possibly lead to civil war in Venezuela, with Guaido’s forces financed by America and its allies.   It’s a recognized pattern.

2019-05-02 Maduro Marches With Army: The Future of Venezuela Is Peace, teleSUR


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2019-04-18 Jimmy Carter Lectures Trump: US Is ‘Most Warlike Nation in History of the World’, teleSUR

Logic:   I can say “Males who abuse children do life-time harm”.   I can say “Fewer females abuse children.”  It does not mean that I condone female abuse of children.

Jimmy Carter makes correct statements regarding the U.S. and war, and comparison statements about the Chinese and American economies.   Logic:  because Carter points out something bad about the U.S. and  makes a comparison statement about China, does not mean that he condones everything China does.

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2019-05-02 ‘ContraPoints’ Is Political Philosophy Made for YouTube (Natalie Wynn) – The Atlantic

My Mother will be offended by the language.   She should skip this one.

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1996-09-04 The Rule of Law: “Eclipse and Enlightenment”, a legal opinion by Bruce Clark

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2019-05-08 Letter to CBC, re interview, Tuberculosis “in northern Inuit communities”. Far away?

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  1. From: (Kelsey)
    Sent: May 10, 2019

    . . . I especially liked your response to CBC, re: the putative shortage of health care workers (!!!).

    And this:

    < in my life’s experience, I have yet to know a profession that self-regulates in service to the public interest. There is a conflict-of-interest. Self-regulation always staunchly protects the interests of the profession. >

    … just totally nails it.

    Legal Aid SK inherited the former CEO of Legal Aid BC, who was instrumental in ‘privatizing’ that province’s public legal services; naturally, to disastrous effect. The same game plan is well underway here in Sask. But, to connect this back to the original topic… cripes, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many unhealthy (i.e., sick and damaged) people under one roof in all my life! Lawyers and support staff
    alike are dropping like flies.

    Thank you for all that you do… your emails/posts always make my day. :))


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