Jul 272019

I am unsure.  I think this is from a magazine in a waiting room  – – apologies to the source,  I lost you.

When time permits,  I’d like to look further into the two authors quoted:


OUTRAGE, ironically, is a more effective UNIFIER than forgiveness.

“People enjoy sharing in consensus, especially when it allows us to indulge a guilty pleasure.”  Pulitzer-prize winning author Marilynne Robinson writes in her 2018 book of essays called  “What Are We Doing Here?

(About Robinson: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marilynne_Robinson)

“Catharsis can feel so good, and so can the strong sense of identity that comes with knowing who is with you and who is against  you – – whether this is true or not.”

And there might be personal benefits.  “Acts of Forgiveness by  . . .  (author Ted Karpf)



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