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NOTE:  I have not watched the video (link at bottom) – – am trusting that it’s a balanced presentation.

I know the story well because I could not believe it happened in Canada.  It was an outrageous injustice to First Nations people.  The matter dragged out over 50 years during which an abundance of government officials, lawyers, and mediators were paid handsome money to resolve the problem.   With zero results.

Ipperwash.  Stony Plain Chippewa.  50 years of trying to regain their land bore no results.

White guys were happy to continue occupation of  land that was not theirs.

Finally a blockade – peaceful, unarmed protest.  Who could blame the Indians?

Premier Mike Harris ordered get the fucking Indians out of Ipperwash.

Dudley George, unarmed protestor was shot dead by police.

Then, another 20 years of petitioning to get an inquiry.  Finally an inquiry.

Judge Linden found that Premier Mike Harris likely said get the fucking Indians out of Ipperwash.

He also found that the land clearly belonged to the Stony Plain people.

After all and all, sovereignty was re-established.  Ipperwash was returned to rightful owners, the Chippewa.  Sovereignty cost Dudley George his life.   It cost Canadians a lot of money; some white guys are still mad because they were evicted from land that was never theirs.

An hour-and-a-half video by CTV    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qnOiOkboVg

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