Mar 272020


Do you remember when you sent me an e-mail that the Cdn Gov`t and the US Gov`t had signed an agreement that they would help each other by doing a troop exchange, if ever needed.  It was many years ago,  . . .  Anyway it could be what they are now considering… I would like to tell Trudeau to be careful re this past agreement . . .  


The Troop Exchange Agreement  (officially the “Civil Assistance Plan“) was signed on Valentine’s day, 2008:

  1. 2008-03-17 Troop Exchange Agreement: Information sent to the Government
  2. 2008-02-29 View from the USA,  Troop Exchange Agreement, Canada-USA:   (Newly posted, 2020-03-27)  Names the Canadian General at “NorthCom” – – “Northern Command”.  (South of the U.S. is “Southern Command”.  Southcom came up in reference to more recent U.S. displeasure with Ecuador.)
  3. 2008-02-27 Troop Exchange Agreement with U.S.: Brief History of Invasions + Letter-to-Editor
  4. 2008-03-03 Troop Exchange Agreement PLUS Naomi Wolf’s 10 Steps to Fascism
  5. 2008-06-19 “Canada First Defence Strategy” – serious.  The American military-industrial-government-university complex in Canada.

In 2008, my anxiety over the Troop Exchange Agreement (Feb) was heightened when the June ’08 Canada First Defence Strategy became known.

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