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If you have concerns about the corporatization of universities, here’s your chance to have your say, no matter where you live in Canada!

Please help, circulate widely – what happens in Saskatchewan can affect other universities. 

DEADLINE FOR WRITTEN SUBMISSIONS:   Monday,  June 20th,   send to  presidential.search@usask.ca 

If you wish to make an anonymous submission to the University, please get in touch with me.


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The following is a message from Nancy Hopkins, chair, U of S Board of Governors and chair, presidential search committee.After a remarkable 12 years as president of the University of Saskatchewan, Peter MacKinnon is stepping down as of June 2012. We are beginning the process of finding our next president. The U of S made great strides under President MacKinnon, and as Saskatchewan continues to prosper and take its place in the world, so too does our university.Opportunities for Consultation
You are invited to help inform the search process and will be offered opportunities to provide feedback.Three public town hall meetings have been scheduled as follows:SaskatoonDate: Thursday, June 9, 2011Time: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.Location: Convocation Hall, 105 Administration Place, University of SaskatchewanDate: Monday, June 13, 2011

Time: 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Location: Frances Morrison Library, 311-23rd Street East


Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Location: Radisson Plaza Hotel Saskatchewan, 2125 Victoria Ave.

The search committee will invite attendees at each town hall to share their thinking about these questions:

  • What in your view are the main issues and challenges that will be facing the University of Saskatchewan over the term of the next president-that is, over the next 5-10 years?
  • Given the context, what are the qualifications, experience and vision that you believe the presidential search committee should be seeking in our next president?
  • Should the presidential search committee be seeking candidates outside the academic field, and if so, from which sectors?

If you are unable to attend the town hall, the committee encourages your written comments in response to these questions. You may send your responses to presidential.search@usask.ca by Monday, June 20, 2011.

Detailed information about the presidential search process can be found at www.usask.ca/presidentialsearch.

Your input to inform the search process is critical and the committee looks forward to hearing from you.


Nancy Hopkins


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2009-11-04   Universities & Values.   EXTRAORDINARY, JK Rowling.

JK Rowling’s address to Graduating Class at Harvard University as blueprint for administration of University.

2011-05-16   Framework (four topics) for discussion on direction taken by the University

2011-05-05   Selection of next president for University: The Chancellor is appointed as the Representative for the Senate on the Search Committee.  No comment.

2011-03-15   Process for selection of the new President for the University, Peter Mackinnon’s memo, Jan 28, 2011

2011-04-28   Lawyer Stefania Fortugno, letter to University re conflicts-of-interest, nuclear industry Cameco on Board of Governors

2011-04-21   Tax-payers give $30 million (or $47?) to Nuke at U of S, Nancy Hopkins Chairs U Board of Governors, is on Cameco Board, has $1.8 million in Cameco shares, Chairs Search for next President +

•   2011-01-21   Top U of S officials face criticism over law dean selection

2011-01-08   “Inside Job”, movie narrated by Matt Damon, highly recommended

(“Inside Job” does a nice job of documenting the role of some Deans of Universities and some other academics in supporting the corporate agenda, a complete betrayal of what is needed to stop the corruption of the public interest.  “Inside Job” relates to Wall Street and the U.S.;  Canadian universities are following the American universities.  It is not only some business colleges that are involved (Wall Street) but colleges of Agriculture,  Pharmacology, Toxicology, etc. )

2011-01-02   “Expert Political Judgement: How Good Is It? How Can We Know?” Bottom line: think for yourself.

2010-12-20    Big Pharma – Dollars for Docs (PBS Nightly Business Report). Stanford Medical School Professors Violate Rules By Accepting Paid Speaking Roles.

2010-09-23    The corporate agenda at the University: Tackle this one with a quick phone call or email

2010-03-05    Love, Hate & Propaganda, the art of mass persuasion (WW2) on CBC

Propaganda is the centre pin in usurping democracy.  You get from democracy to fascism through the use of propaganda. 

Most people understand the equivalence between fascism and corporate governance.  

It is historically common for the “influential” people of a society to participate in the deterioration from democracy into fascism.   The record of the Nazis is that many judges, doctors and people with money became collaborators. 

When you bring corporate interests into the Universities you replace democratic values with corporate values, in the society’s knowledge base. 

“Science” is associated with our universities.  Other postings document the bastardization of science by corporate money.  “Science under Siege” is particularly good.   

Corporate universities become “advertisers”, willing tools.  Most people understand that “advertising” is the sanitized corporate word for “propaganda”, taking us full circle back to the centre pin required for the transition from democracy to corporatocracy (fascism):  propaganda. 

2010-03-10    Propaganda, Democracy: Imagining “the other”. Ralston Saul. The Cellist of Sarajevo.

This posting is not directly about the universities;  it has implications.  The corporate university plays a significant role in the undermining of democracy.

2009-12-24    NUKE: The University has soul-searching to do while it still has a soul to save.

2009-12-04    NUKE, Nuclear Waste. Who is the NWMO? Tactics. John Ralston Saul “On Equilibrium”.

2009-11-19    H1N1 (or nukes or gmo’s or energy) in the context of “Selling Out”: the larger issue. Immune systems. TB. Constant Gardener.

2009-11-15    Corporatized universities devalue education

2009-10-10    Corporations at the Universities. Selling Out. Richard Florizone and UDP. Nuclear at the University.

2008-07-23    Letter to Dalhousie University re 2 million dollars from Lockheed Martin

•  2006-04-12    Real-life experience. PPP’s and corruption in action. Government-University-Chemical Biotech.

2005-08-05    But what’s happening in the forest? (Science under siege) & Successful Revolutions

2005-04-22    Jane Jacobs, “Dark Age Ahead”.   A word of caution.  Loss of the knowledge base.

2004-01-11    Biotech critics at risk, San Francisco Chronicle. Scientists attacked. Corruption of science by corporate interests.

2011-04-23    The role of values when it comes to governing ourselves. Cruelty to animals a case in point.  (Universities and ILO’s)

2011-04-23    ONE disease, different manifestations.  Proposal: “Disease” organizations form a coalition against poisons.  People with the diseases and developmental problems are the best advocates.  Meet with University Toxicology, Agriculture, Water, Environment, Medicine, Dentistry:  many of us are what happens as a consequence of your failure to serve and defend the public interest.

2011-04-02    Lawsuit seeks to invalidate Monsanto’s GMO patents, Yeee-aay!

2011-01-10    Enviro-Pig = pig genes + E. coli genes + mouse DNA. Seriously. Coming to your favourite restaurant and you will never know the difference!

2010-11-01    Saskatchewan Aviation Learning Centre Grand Opening at SIIT. Lockheed Martin’s “products” not itemized (UAVs, cluster munitions, DU weapons, land mines).

2010-09-23    The corporate agenda at the University: Tackle this one with a quick phone call or email

2010-02-25    Understanding why we flounder, help from John Ralston Saul “On Equilibrium”

2010-02-11     Manipulators without conscience. This is your food. Bayer’s GM rice. Triffid (U of S) GM flax. Jane Jacobs on separation of commerce and governance.

2009-11-29     NUKE  The Chronology IMPORTANT INFORMATION

2009-01-13     Bayer’s biocide glufosinate is banned in Europe as of January 2009. What is status in Canada?

2004-06-06    Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

List of corporations, government bodies and universities that are the Canadian Council for PPPs (as at 2004)

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