Aug 092020

From: Sandra Finley
Sent: August 8, 2020
To: The House at CBC.CA radio
Subject: Will I be joining those who don’t sign up for a covid vaccination?

Dear Chris Hall (host of The House),

I will be joining those who do not sign up for a covid vaccination.

I have followed the vaccine question for at least 15 years.

It has been announced that Canada has signed up with Pfizer and Moderna.  Are you afraid to ask the Minister of Public Procurement, or the medical authorities, about contracting with a company that has a decades-long public record of big-time corruption?

One Pfizer story to make the point:  In 2007 the news of the criminal charges against Pfizer was little heard in western countries.  It was eclipsed by a same-day scare-story about tuberculosis – – the Globe & Mail carried the latter, for example.  Not the former.

The criminal charges against Pfizer were initiated by the Government of Nigeria.

In 2009 there was an out-of-court settlement.

PFIZER TO PAY £50m ($75 million) AFTER DEATHS OF NIGERIAN CHILDREN IN DRUG TRIAL EXPERIMENT,  2009-04-06  The Independent (UK newspaper) headline.

Out-of-court settlements come with a gag order.  Convenient?  Absolutely.  But not for the public record; it leaves no disclosure.

The book and movie, “The Constant Gardener”, is based on what Pfizer did to the Nigerian children, during the chaos and confusion of a meningitis outbreak.  Pfizer tested their new “blockbuster” drug Travon, on human guinea pigs.  Illegally, using trickery; deadly.  In a different context it would be called manslaughter or murder.

Pfizer is ruthless in the pursuit of money.  You will know the long list of outrages brought by the pharmaceutical industry.  They are now in the white-washing business, “partnering” with organizations and institutions to sanitize their image.

The corruption in the vaccine (pharmaceutical) industry appears to be immune to media scrutiny.   But good news (potentially).

The earlier talk of mandatory vaccination against covid has been dropped.  I suspect polling results played a role:  the numbers of people who will not comply is too high to attempt forced vaccination.

You may remember what happened not too long ago when the Government of New Brunswick was going forward with a mandatory vaccine schedule for children, desired by Big Pharma.  When confronted by the evidence of the dangers, risks, and inefficacies involved, the Legislature did not pass the legislation.

There are very good reasons for not making a potential covid vaccination mandatory.

What we can now expect is a “communications” plan to convince Canadians of the safety and efficacy of vaccines.  The “new”.   The campaign is already underway.

If it doesn’t work, scare tactics will be employed.


Sandra Finley    (contact info)

UPDATE:  the changed communications strategy is to address “vaccine hesitancy”  (there was no success using phrases such as “anti-vaxers”;   “vaccine choice” which is the position put forward is not acknowledged.

So now the arguments address why, in childish ignorance, people may be “hesitant” about vaccines.

Jesus!  What we need is honest discourse, an effective assault on the corruption, and Governments that will do the job assigned to them:  protect the public interest.  Educate (which is different from Communications Specialists and propaganda).  REGULATE and see that regulations are ENFORCED. . .    I have to laugh, sorry! It seems funny because the basics seem kind of easy.)


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