Sep 082020

Hey!  Some good news.    /Sandra

Kim writes:

This Greenpeace test to detect GM crops is an important breakthrough that should help keep Bayer/Monsanto and other ag biotech companies in check.

htt ZZ  ps://ww ZZ ZZ  peace  ZZ dot org/  ZZ  eu-unit/issues/nature-food/4102/  ZZ  first-open-source-detection-test-for-a-gene-edited-gm-crop-2/   

(SORRY!  To view the posting, copy the URL and then remove the spaces and ZZ’s.  Replace “dot” with an actual dot.   I hope this will be a temporary measure. I still experience inability to make postings accessible.  I post but you can’t view.  I am treading lightly with URL’s until things are stabilized.  URL’s  seemed to be a trigger for throwing things off.     /S)


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