Apr 202021

by Stefania Maurizi

In an in-depth interview with Il Fatto Quotidiano, Nils Melzer discusses his investigation on the WikiLeaks founder, which has made him speak out as a whistleblower and raise an alarm on this case and its implications: “We have already created a parallel world of secret services that controls everything”.

Melzer is right on the money, and forcefully.   He’s published a book.  Interview at  https://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/in-edicola/articoli/2021/04/17/assange-melzer-says-the-treatment-of-julian-leaves-him-speechless/6169437/?fbclid=IwAR2ZtJQO3OZXRU6lyoQ6Cup7p8bJeFWIWCaP0y7hEOROzbiFK_ufzoQYkLc


The concluding 2 paragraphs of the interview:

When Navalny came to Germany, we didn’t say he was violating his bail, and when he flew back voluntarily to Russia and was arrested and sentenced for bail violation, everybody immediately screamed “foul” and imposed sanctions against Russia. But then I thought: Hold on, you have your own guy whom you sanctioned for bail violations, and he has finished his sentence more than a year ago, and he is still in prison without any legal basis. When I see the hypocrisy of the West I am speechless, I am honestly speechless.

We have already created a parallel world of secret services that controls everything, and it is getting worse every year. When you go to sleep in democracy, you wake up in tyranny. That’s the motto of my book, taken from a German lawyer, commenting on the Third Reich. That is precisely the situation we are in, we have a world population that is sleeping by and large, and we are still in democracy, but in the background the structures of tyranny are already being built up, and they are already advanced. My book rings the alarm bell, it is a wake-up call, because my biggest fear is that, by the time the world public wakes up from their sleep, we will all live in a tyranny.

From my perspective, we reached that red alarm situation some time ago.  Melzer describes why he was a late-comer to the realization.  I forgive him, because he’s coming out powerfully now.  But God!  what does it take?   Excellent article.

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