Aug 092021

Police Resistance to un-constitutionality of covid regulations.  Canada

Note 1:  the link will take you off my blog to Druthers.  You can return!

Active Duty Police: “Together, we can win our freedoms back!”


  • The opposition is coming together in more and more ways and places.    I was handed a small newspaper  (Druthers, July 2021 edition)  in a brown paper bag at a farmers market.

The front page article (above)  is especially good.

(I just received notice that Canadian police are not the only ones – – significant positive actions in the San Francisco Police Dept too)

There are some other good, worthwhile articles in Druthers.  

It appears to be another vehicle that is taking off.  It looks to me as though the majority of the resisters, in this instance, are young people.

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