Aug 262021

Why vaccine passports are illegal in Canada,  Lawyer Nicholas Wansbutter.  Excellent



I wanted to give confidence to two Mothers that  challenges to Vaccine Passports are going to protect their children against coerced vaccination in Canada.  No need for panic.

The UPDATE above is a most compelling example.  The following 3 examples speak to the explosive breadth of resistance.

People who know my work will be familiar with my long-time commitment to the Rule of Law, to Charter Rights & Freedoms, to the corrupting force of Corporations in Governance,  especially through so-called Public-Private-Partnerships; in Science; in Health; in propagandist Media.

NOTABLE CHALLENGES to vaccine mandates

Outside mainstream media, these are considered to be worthy news items:

  1.  (USA)   Court challenge of students from Rutgers University.

The arguments presented are compelling and important. 

As far as I am aware, the reasons for challenges to vaccine mandates are not being aired by the CBC.


2.    (Canada)  

(Canadian police are not the only ones – – significant positive actions in the San Francisco Police Dept too)

3.    (Canada)

Most of these appear to be young people.   Check out their list of ALLIES.   The spectrum of organized groups is broad.

RE: TWICE-VACCINATED are 15% of recent covid cases 

It has been known for some time that double-vaccinated can contract covid.   15% of recent cases is the number reported here locally (Aug 20) by CBC.   The number in some foreign jurisdictions is much higher.  Some have a longer data set for analysis. And dare I say, some are less driven by controlled messaging.


CBC loses credibility, and I am guessing audience,

to the extent that the reported news is stale-dated (twice vaccinated get covid) and

does not address serious fundamental issues (democratic, Open Society).

= = = =  = = = = = = = = = = 

The Museum of Nonviolent Resistance is in Berlin, Germany.  It’s located at what was Checkpoint Charlie during the Cold War.

To most of the World, the fall of the Berlin Wall was out-of-the-blue shocking.  It should not have been:  there was plentiful evidence of mounting unrest.  Not much attention was paid to the resistance to the Stasi*;  hence the shockwave.



And,   use the “search” on my blog, in upper righthand corner of website:

  • There are a number of postings that refer to the story of the Stasi, the story of non-violent resistance in East Germany that brought down the Berlin Wall.
  • Also “Orwell” postings are closely-connected.


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