Sep 022021

Received with thanks.   My commentary is attached at bottom.


The Liberal Party of Canada has forfeited
the privilege to govern the People of Canada

This is from their election platform – page 2  as per their on-line document, but page 11 in a PDF of same:

A re-elected Liberal government will:

• Launch a $1 billion COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination
Fund to support provinces and territories who
implement a requirement for proof of vaccine
credentials in their jurisdiction for non-essential
businesses and public spaces.

• Table legislation to ensure that every business and
organization that decides to require a proof of
vaccination from employees and customers can do
so without fear of a legal challenge.


This is utterly in opposition of every Canadian’s Charter Rights.

The Right to travel

The Right to privacy

The Right to be treated equality

The Right to make your own medical choices…

… and the list is a very long one

And how long until it includes essential businesses and public spaces??

You don’t need a judge to tell you the sky is blue – you don’t need a judge to tell you that this is wrong


Now here is what is going to happen.

An election has been called.

If the Liberal Party wins – they’ll say that they now have the mandate to slice and dice your Charter Rights.



Who would believe this is happening?

And not see.

I am greatly unsettled by overhearing coffee-shop conversation this morning.  People who start their day in a coffee row with friends/acquaintances.  At least one of whom sees themselves as a bit of on elite.

The conversation was bizarrely parallel to the little book of my Grandfather’s I was reading, “Animal Farm”.

I have been disinterested in the blatherings of the Election, other than as it relates to the Law.

After hearing the shop talk, I am motivated to concentrate my efforts on the Election.  2.5 weeks to go.  Trudeau has to be defeated, or God help us.  The Liberal Campaign Book (excerpt appended) makes abundantly clear that Trudeau has to be defeated.

I guess I have been insulated.  One of the talkers placed me as company inferior to that of a dog (ha ha!  I like dogs!).  This “Squealer”-man is one who obviously contains large amounts of anger internally.  But oh boy!  He and the others are going to have their vaccine passports!   And the rest of us will be trampled and maligned if we question the need.

I’ve appended the Liberal Party platform on PROOF OF VACCINATION.

A friend’s Father fought in World War II.

The Father found his way home after years, but it was not the same Man who came back.

The Family and the Boy suffered at the hands of the Returned Man.

The family understands what the experience of killing and being killed, foes and friends, did to the Man/Men.

I wrote:

You know what people like your Father contributed – coerced, propagandized, forcibly or not, their entire being –  to the War effort.

All that destruction of Spirit, Society, Earth and Place.  The rhetoric of War has its place.

Should we not be compelled to stand against the same forces when they are operational in the World, Today?

Let there at least be lasting gratitude and benefits. 

In a very real way, your Father gave his Life to stop the nazi/fascists.  He was left with a hollowed-out shell of who he was, too much of the potential for good that he held in his youth dripping from a skeleton tree.

In a very real way you suffered because your Father contributed his good life.

The story told in the little book of my Grandfather’s, Animal Farm.  Is it too, forgotten?

Who would believe this is happening?

And not see.



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