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From: Rusty
Sent: September 30, 2021 5:50 PM
Subject: Re: Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians,


I’ve read some of your emails and was just going to let you know that we are all vaccinated out here.  Not starting an argument with you obviously but just passing on my opinion.


I’ve had three friends end up in the icu.  2 on ventilators, they’ve all changed their minds on the vaccine.   I agree and hope that the body can fight this thing off but my opinion along with 10,000 other physicians in alberta is that the vaccine probably is better than not.


My one friend was a healthy 45 year old hockey coach.   His lungs are shot now for life after 13 days on a ventilator – they just about pulled the plug on him but a nice 6 week hospital stay got him back on his feet.    I dunno I guess we are taking our chances either way but that’s my opinion, hits pretty close when you see friends who are healthy active people getting it so bad.


The second guy lost 27 pounds and three months later still feels like shit.   The last guy just got out of the hospital this am – said not breathing for 3 days changed his opinion.  Yes lots get it and don’t die but doesn’t sound fun.


Anyhow hope you don’t get it but I’m afraid that at some point we all will.   Roll the dice I guess


On a bright note we are all good out here.   . . .



Sent: September 30, 2021 11:43 PM
To: Rusty

Subject: RE: Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians,


. . .  Good to hear from you,  and of the personal experience of your friends, for sure.

I respect your opinion, and the more because it IS based on actual thought processes!

You won’t start an argument with me.  A discussion, yes.  If I may.


It is not that I am anti-vaccination.

I believe in choice.  There are too many variations in the human condition to dictate one and same for everyone.


But more importantly:  I doubt I can ever agree with forced, or coerced vaccination, because of the Nuremberg Trials and subsequent Code.


I am not as distant from WW2 / Nuremberg Trials, as you.  We had a small intro to Nuremberg in school.  But an important association with WW2 and its horrors (leads to the ensuing Trials) was through my Dad.  He is of the generation that went to war; he himself was rejected for service- –   stay at home, keep the local business running, the town has economic needs.


In 1945 he was 24 years old, emerging from the prime go-to-war years.  Lots of young men from my hometown – – my Dad’s friends, acquaintances, were killed or broken or left with deep psychological scarring.  There were a number of widowed women, now single parents with young children.  Children with no fathers.   The remaining men and women naturally assisted widows, fatherless boys and girls in particular.  Injured persons in need of a friendly hand.


Dad read a surprising amount, given everything else in his young family days.  I remember him reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.  He read quite a few books about the war.  I noticed, and read some of them, including the Rise and Fall.  I still pick up the odd book related to the war – – I’ve been doing that for 50 years now!  Some of them are excellent novels,  insightful regarding human behavior.  I happened to just finish a mystery by PD James (Original Sin).  In the end,  the murderer’s motivations went back to events in WW2.  (I did not know in advance that the novel would go in that direction.)


The atrocities haven’t stopped, in spite of Nuremberg.  Like the Bosnian War, 1992-95.  The endless war-mongering of the Americans (Afghanistan?!), with the help of Canadians.  But we keep pushing for human rights.  Original Sin is a mystery, simultaneously a study.

He said bitterly:  ‘you’re so confident, aren’t you, Kate.  So certain you know what’s right.  It must be comforting, never having to face a moral dilemma.  The criminal law and police regulations:  they provide all you need, don’t they?’ 

She said:  ‘I’m certain about some things.  I’m certain about murder.  How could I be a police officer if I weren’t?’   (murder, of course, changes with circumstances like war.  It’s accepted and expected.)


I had a fascinating conversation with a woman who lived in Sarajevo with her family.  She was young, enjoying a cosmopolitan life in a beautiful city in 1992.  This woman and her family did not have a clue that anything was changing, about to happen, until the day it arrived.  Sarajevo was under siege for 3 to 4 years during the Bosnian War; destroyed.  If you have time, take a quick look at   Illusion and Denial that the invader is on the way (Ardennes, Sarajevo). Canada? (https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=10819).  What happened to this young woman and her sister is briefly told.


If you look at something in small amounts, but over a long period of time, you come to recognize patterns.  I am of course far from the only one who is saying:  wake up guys.


You do not allow any Government to interfere with your body, without just cause; nor do you allow any Government to construct detailed files on citizens.  Those are hallmarks of tyranny.  Vaccinations, vaccine passports AND  Propaganda of the highest order (the Canadian military against its own citizens – – especially with the technology that is available today.  This is a step way beyond the line for open / democratic government.


The question of HOW a civilized nation falls into tyranny and the unimaginable horrors of the Nazis and of Europe in the aftermath of the war, Propaganda – – yes, a huge factor.  But the psychology, what is the psychological driver?


It’s fear.  That is clearly the case, and clearly the purpose of the propaganda.  To create a population that is quaking in fear.  Which they have done.  They have a compliant population as a consequence.


To me,  my fascination is satisfied.  We are currently living the descent into tyranny.  I no longer wonder how it happened, or could happen.  Because I am experiencing it.


The doctors’ trials as a subset of the Nuremberg trials.   It was the experimentation by doctors on human beings that placed them on trial.  The outcome was the protection of human beings against such practices.  I have authority over my own body.   Human rights with roots in Nuremberg that I’m not about to relinquish.  The blood and tears of too many millions of people soak the earth that finally gave us the Nuremberg Code.  The Code of Conduct for the Medical profession arises from the same.


It has been a long road from Nuremberg to the point where there’s an International Criminal Code and an International Criminal Court to prosecute Crimes Against Humanity.  The protections we have against forced “medical” treatments, torture, etc.


I can see the loss of ground that was gained over decades, the slipping backwards, because I can look back over 50 years.  Because it has been an interest of mine over a 50-year span.


How do these things happen?   People are busy, busy, busy.  They lose track of what’s important.   Nor do they contemplate that they are going to die, like everything else.  For many people, maybe for your friend who almost died – – they view this brief life of ours differently after such an experience.  At least for a while they DO live their life differently.  . . .

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