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Published 38 mins ago on October 26, 2021  By Linda Slobodian

Mounties   Well, they’re taking a stand now, risking careers, possibly pensions, and who knows what other punishment the feds will conjure up, by offering Canadians hope and a means to fight for themselves.

To date, 45,000 people from the group Mounties for Freedom have signed an open letter

to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki protesting mandatory vaccines.

That number, comprised of fed-up people from diverse agencies across Canada, will likely increase by the time you finish reading this.

The October 21 letter, penned by RCMP members, expresses staunch opposition to Canadians being subjected to “forced coercive medical intervention.”

It calls upon Lucki to launch an investigation into how mandated health measures are made, demanding evidence that they’re reasonable, provable and legal, and claims these mandates would “not hold up under scrutiny” in court.

It demands the results of the investigation, should Lucki opt to use the law to get to the truth, be made public.

The rapidly growing number of signatures surpasses RCMP members and support staff levels standing at about 30,000 — not all of whom would have signed, of course.

But it isn’t only the Mounties signing up to protest mandatory vaccines and enforcement for both civil servants and members of the general public.

“We support the millions of Canadians who believe that all forced COVID mandates and Vaccine Passports are crimes against humanity,” states Mounties4Freedom, a new website that details who is on board.

Mounties4Freedom says it has partnered with diverse groups “united with a common goal — freedom of choice” and lists dozens of them.

They include Canada-wide members of law enforcement, fire services, corrections, armed forces, government agencies, public utilities, transportation, trades and unions, and health care workers.

Likely, members of these groups — as opposed to many of the agencies themselves — have endorsed the letter.

“Together we fight to defend our Charter Rights and Freedoms of choice, to ensure that we’re all treated with the same respect, dignity and consideration without discrimination or segregation today, tomorrow and for all future generations,” states Mounties for Freedom.

Across Canada, private-sector workers are distressed as they face taking the jab or losing their jobs.

About 267,000 federal civil servants must report vaccination status by October 29. Unvaccinated employees who haven’t received exemption will be put on administrative leave without pay and won’t qualify for employment insurance benefits.

Mounties for Freedom expressed concern that citizens will be put at risk due to a potential shortage of police in communities.

Lucki declined a request for an interview. But it appears she is undaunted by the letter.

“We are aware of the open letter and can confirm that in keeping with the government of Canada’s vaccine policy, at this time, we expect that regular members and reservists who are able will take steps to get their vaccines by the deadline,” Sgt. Caroline Duval, with RCMP headquarters media relations, told Western Standard.

“If a regular member is unwilling to be vaccinated and is placed on leave, the RCMP will take steps to ensure Canadians’ safety is not impacted by deploying vaccinated regular members and reservists as required.”

Media Relations Manager Fabrice de Dongo of the National Police Federation, which represents the RCMP, also declined to comment.

Mounties for Freedom clearly states it mission to oppose the “crimes against humanity” mandatory COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine passports pose.

It parallels what the federal government is doing to Canadians, to domestic abuse, which is “centered around power” and “physical, financial and emotional control.”

Indeed, the government gets to decide who can work and who cannot, and that everyone must take a jab, even those who don’t want to for numerous reasons.

“The federal government is currently displaying several of those traits with its own employees.”

An appeal was made to Lucki to “take a stand against the abuser.”

If Lucki doesn’t, it will cement widespread opinion that her allegiance lies with the federal government, and she obediently follows orders issued to her.

An appeal was also made to Lucki to not be loyal to “any public figure” but to stand up for Canadians and all members she represents — even those opposed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s COVID-19 mandates.

Many applaud Mounties for Freedom and have hopes that the group will stem the tide of evaporating freedoms.

Others criticize police for taking so long to stand up for Canadians who have been at the mercy of law enforcement officials carrying out harsh, ever-changing COVID orders, handing out fines, and slapping handcuffs on and even jailing ‘violators.”

Well, they’re taking a stand now, risking careers, possibly pensions, and who knows what other punishment the feds will conjure up, by offering Canadians hope and a means to fight for themselves.

Strength in numbers.

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