Oct 262021

From: Robert
Subject: URGENT: For the sake of Canada, we need to support our RCMP officers …

Byram Bridle believes Canada “is at a critical crossroads.” The University of Guelph viral immunologist is speaking out on the rapid erosion of our fundamental freedoms.

Bridle is banned from campus and was publicly smeared by UoG faculty. He’s an outlier as his peer reviewed study found the spike protein in the experimental mRNA vaccine is a “toxic pathogen.”

He asks us to read, sign and SHARE the mounties4freedom open letter. Byram’s position is clear. He is “willing to die on this hill,” to support the police. Lest we Forget the men & women who died for our freedom in two world wars.

Be Brave

Stand Tall


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Oct. 26, 2021,  Byram Bridle

Hi all,

I sincerely believe that Canada is at a critical crossroads. I don’t care_ what anyone’s perspective is about the various COVID-19 issues.

Fundamental freedoms of many Canadians are rapidly being eroded. We have become a segregated society full of fear and hatred.

Everyone values freedom. As such, everyone needs to determine where they will draw the line in the proverbial sand. Many Canadians have had this line crossed long ago and more are experiencing this as each day passes.

Many more have not experienced this yet. However, if these individuals think deeply about which infringements on their freedoms that they are not willing to tolerate, they may be surprised to see how close to this line we have come compared to the pre-pandemic era.

The slow incremental erosion has made many blind to how far we have deteriorated as a society. We went from ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ to ‘two doses of incredibly protective and safe vaccines to achieve freedom’ to approaching two years of policies that are increasingly draconian, complete censorship of one side of the scientific and medical community, and prospects of third inoculations (and likely more to follow) that fail to prevent infection with and transmission of SARS-CoV-2, come with ever-emerging safety concerns, and that have such an unusually short duration of only partial immunity that this will never allow us to achieve the goal of herd immunity.

Remarkably, we have been asked to believe that our immune systems do not function unless prompted by needles in the shoulder. Much of immunology has been declared to be ‘fake science’; to such an extent that I no longer know what immunological truths I can teach to my students without getting into trouble for spewing ‘misinformation’. Regardless of how much you love or question the COVID-19 jabs, I plead that you read, consider signing, and send the following open letter as far and wide as possiblehttps://mounties4freedom.ca/

…it has been written and supported by a large number of active-duty RCMP officers who applied their well-honed investigative skills into objectively assessing the COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Encourage everyone to ask themselves if they are comfortable ignoring the erosion of principles that members of our national police force are raising. I can personally attest to the fact that the views of these RCMP officers represent those held by many other law enforcement officers from the regional to provincial forces.

The time has come for Canadians and our many friends abroad to stand behind our police officers that are willing to put everything on the line. We can show our support by getting as many people as possible to sign this open letter. This can be a precedent-setting moment.

We need to wake up and act now and in large numbers. If our police officers can be coerced into taking a medical treatment for which legitimate and serious questions exist, and for which alternative solutions are available, then no Canadian will be safe from future coercion.

Because of where I live, I personally, am thrilled to see that members of the Guelph Police Service and Ontario Provincial Police are standing with the Mounties


If interested, here is an interview with one of the Mounties. I challenge anyone to point out how this clear-thinking officer has anything but the best interests of Canadians at heart…


I stand with our police and am willing to ‘die on this hill’ to support them.







Byram W. Bridle, PhD

Associate Professor of Viral Immunology

University of Guelph

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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