Oct 312021


The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CSPO) has barred a doctor who has been a vocal opponent of COVID-19 vaccines and lockdown measures from practicing medicine, alleging her activities put patients’ health at risk.

Dr. Rochagne Kilian, a former emergency room doctor from Owen Sound, Ont., spoke out multiple times against mask mandates, the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and lockdown measures.

Dr. Kilian resigned as an emergency room doctor at the local hospital in August. The CPSO suspended her from practicing medicine entirely as of Wednesday.

CPSO spokesperson Shae Greenfield said in a statement emailed to True North on Wednesday that the suspension is an interim order made under the Health Professions Procedural Code of the Regulated Health Professions Act, which permits the regulator to issue interim orders where it has evidence that patients might be exposed to risk of harm or injury.

INSERT:  I left a message for Shae Greenfield, asking him to phone back.  I asked him how old he is.  Because I cannot imagine an older generation person thinking that in an ostensible democracy it is okay to revoke a doctor’s license in this manner.   I am especially offended because I know how how the pharmaceutical companies are.  I have listened to what Dr. Kilian has to say.  That the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO)would muzzle her goes beyond the pale.

CPSO contact:

. . .  you can speak to us at 416-967-2603 or 1-800-268-7096 ext. 603 or send us an email at feedback@cpso.on.ca. When emailing, please provide a phone number at which you can be reached so we can best assist you and address your concerns.

“Although we are limited in what we can disclose at this point, additional information about Dr. Kilian’s conduct will be made available at the earliest possible opportunity,” said Greenfield. “That may include allegations referred to the Ontario Physicians and Surgeons Discipline Tribunal.”

Members have the ability to appeal interim orders to the courts, at which point the CPSO would present information supporting their decision, according to Greenfield.

Dr. Kilian is known for being an outspoken critic of COVID-19 vaccines and lockdown measures. In September, she was a speaker at anti-lockdown protests organized by the Grey-Bruce Freedom Fighters. She has also spoken out against vaccine mandates, vaccine passports and mask mandates.

Dr. Kilian could not be reached for further comment in time for publication.

Earlier this month, the CPSO barred Dr. Kilian and Dr. Mark Raymond Trozzi from issuing medical exemptions to mask mandates, COVID-19 vaccinations and testing.

In a statement issued earlier this year, the college stated that physicians should not communicate any statements that go against public health orders.

“(Doctors have) a professional responsibility to not communicate anti-vaccine, anti-masking, anti-distancing and anti-lockdown statements and/or (promote) unsupported, unproven treatments for COVID-19,” the CPSO statement said.

“Physicians must not make comments or provide advice that encourages the public to act contrary to public health orders and recommendations.”

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