Nov 172021

Reply to a video sent to me.  You might be interested.

I am wary of this video – – is it clever propaganda?  (How Australia Is Crashing the World Economy And Taking Down China)

The creator  is a blogger.  But it’s by a blogger who’s bought and paid for?  It’s his job; he’s effectively an employee?   Hmmm  . . .


Right now,  what is being manufactured is a another wave of fear, close on the heels of covid.   Like covid, it comes in disguise.  I ran into it again a couple days ago,  took me a while to make sense of it – – anyhow,  You will have heard the messaging.


– – the “scarcity”,  “supply chains can’t deliver goods”,  crisis caused by “the supply of computer chips”,  the computer chips which by now are embedded EVERYWHERE into our Totally Tech society.   It’s going to be worse than 2007-08 Wall Street. “can’t get the parts needed”.  Missing one kind of chip,  cannot build the thing.  “huge labour shortage”,   “unloaded ships sitting in harbours”.


And who are the culprits?  The Chinese!   Largest chip manufacturer in the world is in Taiwan.  China’s “One China” policy.  China will invade Taiwan.  War.  And so on.


China is easy to make into a culprit because of the excesses of communism.  I do not defend them.  Nor do I defend the excesses of the Americans and their allies which includes Canada.


The stupidity of China under Mao (admitted) – – the forensics person who explains – –  the effectiveness of THE LIE is that there is always a “grain of truth” in the lies that the manipulator spins.  We’ve heard that little bit of truth somewhere – – and nod our heads in agreement with the propaganda.


Mao’s rule came to an end in 1976 when he died.   The incredible stupidity of what was done to the birds (not only sparrows) under Mao is almost 50 years old.    The blogger uses it well.


The incredible stupidity of what Canada has done to birds and insects (try “pollinators”) (one could also mention poisoning of “human beings”??), that Canada continues to do,  is a one-up-manship on the stupidity of China and the Sparrows under Mao??


But never mind that.


I believe there are flaws in the statements put forward in the video that point to it being a tool of propagandists


As I’ve mentioned before, we happened to have been in Wuhan the year before the Tianamen Square massacres in 1989.


Wuhan was a city of blackened buildings and blackened air from the burning of low-grade coal for heating.  And other coal for factories with no pollution controls.  We could not get out of Wuhan fast enough.  It was unimaginable that anyone would have to breathe air that was so thick with pollutants.  A City covered with a heavy grey blanket;  you could not tell the time of day because the sun could not penetrate the blanket.   And we were there in the SUMMER time.


Heavy use of the low-grade coal was in the winter for heating.  There was no air conditioning to create a demand for electricity in the summer.  Wuhan in the summertime had an earned reputation:  it was one of the 5 “Furnaces” of China.  Indeed it was.  The temperature was 45 degrees in still, thick, heat-trapping poisoned air.


China implemented projects to reduce air pollution:  Germany was a leader – – you may remember – – in beginning the transition to cleaner energy.  It was good for Germany’s economy.   China followed suit – –  also went into transitioning to alternate technologies (solar cells, windmill farms).


I described Wuhan – – it helped motivate the Chinese.  They are not  all stupid, ineffective, dangerous people.  They can be very pragmatic.


We happened to also take a boat down the Yangtze River, joining the tail-end – – some parts of the Yangtze, after 5,000 years of use for transportation – – no longer. 


The Chinese deemed hydro-electricity to be one of the answers to cleaner energy, especially needed with their goals for economic growth.  The “3 Gorges Dam” was (still is?) the world’s largest-capacity hydro-electricity dam.   Construction was completed by 2006.   The planning for the dam was known at least by 1988 when we were there.


So by 1988 the Chinese were taking ACTUAL major steps toward less dependence on dirty fossil fuels.       (Not that their choice of mega dams is without controversy.)


China produces most of the thermal coal (both black and brown) it burns, but imports coking coal to make high quality steel (from Australia, the example in the video – –  until there was a dispute between Australia and China.)


What else did the Chinese do?   – – – they invested in, for example, the Canadian Tar Sands – – “off-shoring” some of their air and water pollution to Canada.  A DELIBERATE strategy.   Did we care?  Oh no.  Our fossil fuel industry (not really Canadian) was happy to have their money; the governments too were happy, and really did not care about the serious polluting and poisonous effects on Canadian water resources.


Emissions were (still are?) “regulated” in a dishonest way by measuring Alberta smoke stacks in isolation one from the other – – never looking at cumulative impact.   Which was how “acid rain” came to be a problem through “downstream” air flows over northern Saskatchewan.   The acid rain treaty worked out between Canada and the U.S. when the Great Lakes were under great threat from industrial emissions in Ontario, somehow applied in Ontario, but not in less populated, and Indian-populated areas of the Canadian Shield.

The ship in the video marooned in China for almost a year loaded with Australian coal.   This video,  How Australia Is Crashing the World Economy And Taking Down China?  The creation of “us” versus “those bad guys”.   Well,  we can BOTH qualify for the title “bad guys”, can we not?  Very legitimately?    The Chinese show-cased cleaner air achievements at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.   How is Canada doing?

The “nuclear threat” from China? . . .  I am not convinced that China is a more potent threat than the USA and its allies.  Daniel Ellsberg, renowned “Pentagon Papers”  whistle blower (1971) published  The Doomsday Machine in 2017.  Sub-title  Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner.

In 1971, because of the nature of the work he did, Ellsberg had to choose between whistle-blowing on the out-of-control American military and their nuclear war agenda   – or,  the other information he held – – truth about the Viet Nam War.

What was to him most important, most wrong, most dangerous and most in need of public disclosure was the American planning for war that would be waged with nuclear weapons and a “first strike” policy.

Revolution in the U.S. against the Viet Nam War was in full force.  In the end,  Ellsberg opted for the whistle-blowing to help bring the Viet Nam War to an end.

Today (2021) Ellsberg is 90 years old.  In his eighties, with assistance from his son,  he decided not to die before he did the whistle-blowing on the nuclear war planning; it remains a serious threat to planet Earth.

The Doomsday Machine (2017) is a critical, you could say scary, documentation of American military ethic and practice vis-à-vis nuclear weapons and the “communist threat”.   Not even American allies who live in countries on the other side of a political border with Russia or China will be spared – – the Americans embrace “first strike” with no room for re-consideration if an attack order moves down the chain-of-command.  Ellsberg documents  U.S. launch sites that effectively ring China and Russia.   China and Russia would be fools not to regard the Americans as highly dangerous to their survival.

To me it makes no difference under which tyranny you are a citizen.  It is foolish to be ignorant, and to be manipulated by propaganda.

You know the litany:   there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq;  but the cunning propaganda machine  manipulated people – –  THE LIE enabled the launch of the Iraq War in 2003.

But prior to that was the First Gulf War.

You may remember “THE GREAT LIE” of that War.  Even now I am astounded by how effective the 15-year old girl was in her acting, moving herself AND others to tears.

1990 – The Nayirah testimony

In her emotional testimony, Nayirah claimed that after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers take babies out of incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital, take the incubators, and leave the babies to die.

  • A key inflection point (turning point) to move the American public and Congress toward supporting war in Iraq was the gruesome 1990 testimony of a Kuwaiti girl named Nayirah, who described how Iraqi troops killed 312 babies.
  • Problem was, Nayirah’s story was made up.

The coaching of Nayira al-Sabah was run by the American public relations firm Hill & Knowlton for the Kuwaiti government. Her testimony has come to be regarded as a classic example of modern atrocity propaganda.[1][2]

Prior to that – – – 1964.  There was no missile in the Bay of Tonkin, but the propaganda machine manipulated people – – THE BAY OF TONKIN LIE launched the Viet Nam War.

Lies about the War on Terror.   Whistle-blower Julian Assange.  And the recent (surprise!) investigative journalism by the New York Times documenting lies that buried 2019 atrocities.  The American military is clearly the terrorist force, committing illegal, terrorist acts that would put either the hate or flight into you or me.

And so the list goes on – – STRATEGIC LIE AFTER STRATEGIC LIE – – lots of them originating in the Government – Big Pharma complex.

What is it?   Do we WANT to be feeble-minded, quivering, fearful victims of manipulation and propaganda?

Figure it out:   Video  How Australia Is Crashing the World Economy And Taking Down China    A shipload of Australian coal marooned in China.

Take JUST ONE sphere where international cooperation is badly needed  – – Climate Change.  In whose interests is it to finger the Chinese as the bad guys?  To frustrate cooperation?


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