Prayer war room and other suggestions

Fitts tells the story of a woman fighting corruption in her hometown. She was scared because taking it to the next level would require her to go public, and she was a very private person.

Fitts suggested she watch the film “War Room,” a Christian movie about prayer. “Start a war room and just fight them through prayer,” Fitts told her. Apparently, it worked wonders.

“So, there are many different ways to fight, and you could fight in a way that’s comfortable. Some people organize, some people are bringing lawsuits. Some people are lobbying. Some people are moving and going to another jurisdiction. Some people are pulling their money out of JPMorgan Chase.

“There are many different ways to do it. If you’re working for a big bank or big corporation, start working on building the skills and the resources and the wherewithal you need to start something yourself.

“Start learning. It’s called DIY — do it yourself.

“Start looking at your financial picture and figuring out … how you can collapse your income statement and your balance sheet to something which is much more resilient, locally, and doing it yourself.

“We don’t need to get mortgaged up and get dependent on the system. The third thing is, for God’s sakes, go out and get yourself a great bank. Particularly if you’re in the United States, there are lots of great banks and great bankers … who also don’t want the central bankers controlling everything.

“I know a lot of community bank presidents who don’t want to be controlled by the New York Fed … So, the first thing you need to do is swing your money out of — if you’re invested in the New York fed member banks, or in the big corporations that are running government this way — swing your money out of those stocks and start investing in building a local food system.

“Who’s your farmer, who’s your rancher? Where are you going to get high-quality fresh food? There is tremendous opportunity to build out the local, fresh food systems. If you take the time and have patience, there are very good investments to be had there.

“[Next, know] who’s your sheriff. The entire enforcement within a county area is controlled by the sheriff [in the U.S.], and in most counties, the sheriff is elected. Not all but most. The feds cannot come in and do an enforcement action unless the sheriff allows it to occur.

“[Why should you] care about who your state legislators are? Because the state legislators have the power to say no to the federal government, particularly if you’re not willing to escrow your taxes and get into this taxation without representation.

“So, go through your financial statement and your balance sheet and get the bad guys out of your money and start supporting the local guys who are willing to support the rule of law …

“I had a former client who called me and said, ‘I just sold a house, and I want to know, should I put the money into real estate or precious metals?’ And I said, what’s the point of having assets? If you don’t have an army to protect them, meaning if you don’t have litigators, state legislators and sheriffs who are willing to go protect your assets, your assets are worthless; you’ll lose them.

“So, she took the money and gave it to a group of litigators who were litigating some of what’s going on right now. Anytime you can make an investment that permanently reduces your expenses, you’re better off to do it yourself.

“So instead of paying your water bill, build a well. In other words, get your money out of financing the guys who are doing this to you, and get your money into financing yourself, your friends or people you know.

“Trust me, if tyranny controls everything, and tyranny can operate above the law, then nothing’s going to work.

“This is a war. And if we don’t stand up and fight it, now, there will be no way to wiggle around this. There’s no way to outplay it. There’s no place to run. There’s no place to go. So, you’ve got to stand and fight back …

“We have a choice. Everybody has a choice. So, stop building the prison, stop helping these guys and start creating friction. We don’t have to go along. And we’re the ones who are building the prison. So, you have to bring transparency to what’s going on, and then you have to take action.

“We’re not all going to make it out of this process alive. It’s war. That’s what happens in a war, but human liberty is worth fighting for.

“We’re living in a world where there are two visions, and the top 1% have a vision of us as a natural resource, [while] we have a vision of us as individuals with sovereign rights that come to us by divine authority.”

As noted by Fitts, these are two extraordinarily different visions. One option is a society where all people have the ability to exercise our potential. In the other, only a few get to exercise their potential, while the rest have no opportunity at all.

We’re in the end game. It’s all or nothing at this point. There’s no middle ground.

In the end, Fitts and I both believe the plan will fail, but ONLY if we all do our part to prevent it. What’s more, we also need to prepare for what comes after their plan fails. This too could be just as challenging. Fitts notes in conclusion:

“I tell people, while the Titanic is sinking, grab some planks and deck chairs and start building your ark, because these guys are going to make a huge mess. This is a mess. And if you look at what they’re trying to do, it’s very hard, it’s very complicated. I think it’s going to fail.”

Originally published by Mercola.