Feb 122022

Day 13 – Feb 10th 2022




My highest respect! I’m fully with you: End the mandates, and let’s make sure this never happens again!

Shevaun Charles

I live in Ottawa and my whole family supports the movement!! The mandates are illegal and we need them dropped. Thank you so much to Tamara and all the organizers.
i WISH i COULD BE THERE WITH YOU!!!! And have spoke to many that feel the same!!!! Thank you for standing up for our constitutional rights and freedoms!!!
A true gentleman! Keep on going! The Australian’s that are awake are with you! I am praying 🙏🏻 we will win this!

Vladimir Kompaneets

God bless you to be strong, confident, and powerful as never before. They launched the war against basic human rights. Thank you for your resistance.

david schultz

I was there but I had to come home for medical reasons but I’m coming back and your right us Canadians do love you for what you doing
Thank you Courageous, Wise, Spiritual, and Good Family and Community people. You are public servants of the high order.
Completely the opposite of the rioting “protesters” we’ve been watching for years… At first I couldn’t believe Canadians were the first ones to finally do something about this. But now I’m glad they’re the ones leading the world because no one could do it better, with more peace, love and unity than anyone else. THANK YOU.
Thank you so much to all of you who are fighting for the freedom of our children !!! Love, peace and light !!! I am behind you 100%. So proud to see all the canadians finally united in love and peace !!!
Marie-Soleil Dauphinais
This man is so dedicated to defend what is right: Love, Peace, Integrity, Freedom. I have a lot of admiration for him and the ones he is working with. 💗 They start their meetings with a prayer. It brings me so much hope because this battle is a spiritual one and we won’t go far if we “fight” without God’s hand. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your sacrifices. I keep you in my prayers 🙏💗
This man brings tears to me eyes, go truckers, go Canada, hold the line!!
Everyone in Canada needs to go to where the truckers are and support them! Godspeed! Stay strong and don’t worry about the dirty tactics of the government. You are starting the movement! You are representing unheard voices all over the world — I’m an”angry Covid mom” from Russia, but live in NY now, and so happy you are doing this.
this really is a General Strike.they happened all through our recent history.the advancements in the workplave we take for granted now are because of hard fought,and sometimes bloody movements,and protests.grass root movements like this have brought about change,not benelovent bosses or govts. stay strong guys!!!!
“What do we have [going on] here?” “We have bouncy houses..and speeches… and singing Oh Canada🎶…” 🥰💕 Love it. Please don’t stop, from Oregon, God speed🙏🏻
Thank you for staying the course – steady, steady, peaceful, non-violent, rational, legal, respectful, truthful, patriotic and even joyful …..thank you…
With the utmost respect for you all! I see you operating in an honest and open way. I see you with clear peaceful intent to stand up and protect our sovereign rights. I see you standing tall, with the highest integrity, standing so much taller than our Country’s Leader. I see you with great concern for not inconveniencing city workers or the city’s population who may be affected by your presence. I see you contributing to making the city better and helping those around you. I see you with great concern for safety and clear committed intent for maintaining that safety. May you continue to be led with clear convictions, with peace and love. Know that we don’t believe the lies. …and THANK YOU! I am so very grateful for what you are doing. My utmost gratitude. Stay strong! May knowing that we truly see you, give you the strength to carry on. God Bless! My prayers are with you all.

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